DFW Airport Credit Image Chad C
DFW Airport Credit Image Chad C

Whether you’re on a brief layover, settling in for an overnight rest, or simply making a swift transit, our Dallas -Fort Worth Airport Guide is your essential companion.

Delve into comprehensive details on the airport’s offerings, from luxurious lounges and WiFi connectivity to convenient charging stations, round-the-clock dining options, adjacent accommodations, and so much more.

this airport is absolutely massive and super crowded. But it’s well organized, well structured and all of the employees are incredibly nice. There are plenty of concession stands everywhere if you’re thirsty or want snacks. It is setup where you don’t have to wait in line like a lot of airports. If you get lost or need help, there’s directories available and people here that can help you find your way.
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DFW Airport Overview

Navigating through Dallas-Fort Worth Airport (DFW) can be a breeze if you know what to expect. Here’s your complete guide, covering everything from lounges to last-minute shopping.

What to Expect

DFW is a sprawling airport comprising five terminals—A to E. All are interconnected by SkyLink trains, with walkways also linking Terminals A to D.

Terminal E is accessible via SkyLink. The airport is replete with dining, shopping, and service options—especially Terminal D, where international flights congregate.

Free WiFi and charging stations are abundant. While moving airside overnight can be tricky, daytime exploration is simple. Check out various lounges available even for economy travelers.

Terminal A

Solely dedicated to American Airlines, Terminal A is the starting point for most domestic flights. It provides a balanced mix of dining and shopping options, and you won’t struggle to find a spot for a quick charge—charging stations are abundant. If you’re an AA frequent flyer, Terminal A should feel like your second home.

Terminal B

Primarily serving American Eagle, the smaller affiliate of American Airlines, Terminal B is a more compact experience. The terminal offers key essentials including dining spots and lounges, but it’s best for shorter layovers given its smaller scope. The terminal still offers all the conveniences, including numerous charging stations for your electronic devices.

Terminal C

Also focused on domestic flights for American Airlines, Terminal C is similar to Terminal A in its offerings. Look out for the American Airlines Admirals Club if you seek a more private and comfortable experience. Terminal C features its own assortment of dining establishments, as well as ample charging points.

Terminal D

The jewel in the crown, Terminal D is the gateway to international destinations. If you’re flying internationally, chances are you’ll pass through here.

The terminal doesn’t shy away from offering luxuries; it houses the Centurion Lounge and the Plaza Premium Lounge, among others. The terminal also boasts upscale dining experiences, duty-free shopping, and even showers for those looking to freshen up before a long-haul flight.

Terminal E

Serving as a satellite terminal, Terminal E hosts various airlines including United and Delta. It’s distinct in its separation from the other terminals, accessible only via Skylink.

While smaller in comparison, it doesn’t compromise on amenities. The Terminal offers its own lounges, including the United Club, and a range of dining and shopping outlets.

Connecting Between Terminals

Moving between the terminals is a breeze, thanks to the Skylink train system that connects all terminals both airside and landside. For those preferring to stretch their legs, walkways connect Terminals A through D. Terminal E, being a satellite, requires a Skylink ride for access.


Understanding the terminologies can help in easier navigation:
Landside: This refers to the public area of the terminal in the non-secure zone, i.e., before you pass through security.
Airside: This is the secure section you access after undergoing security checks.

Security And Customs at DFW Airport

Navigating the security and customs process is a critical part of any airport experience, and Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport (DFW) is no exception.

With its status as a major international hub, DFW is equipped with state-of-the-art security measures designed to keep passengers safe while maintaining an efficient flow through checkpoints.

Domestic Security Checkpoints

For domestic travelers, expect a fairly standard but efficient TSA security screening process. Like most U.S. airports, DFW employs the use of body scanners and metal detectors.

Passengers can speed up the process by signing up for TSA PreCheck, which allows for expedited screening at designated checkpoints. The service is available at all terminals.

International Security and Customs

Things get a bit more thorough for international travelers, particularly for those arriving at Terminal D. After landing, passengers must go through Customs and Border Protection (CBP).

In addition to the regular customs process, DFW is equipped with Automated Passport Control (APC) kiosks that quicken the passport verification process.

For frequent international travelers, there’s an option to enroll in the Global Entry program, which speeds up the customs process significantly.

Prohibited Items and Guidelines

DFW strictly follows TSA guidelines for prohibited items. Before you pack, it’s advisable to check the official TSA website to ensure you’re not carrying items that could hold you up during security checks.

Safety Measures and Protocols

In response to evolving needs, DFW has ramped up its health and safety measures. Enhanced cleaning protocols are in place, and passengers are expected to wear face coverings during their time at the airport.

The CLEAR Option

For an even quicker process, DFW has partnered with CLEAR, a biometric identity service. This allows passengers to bypass regular identity checks at security in favor of fingerprint or eye scans. It’s a paid service, but frequent travelers might find the time saved to be worth the investment.

Wait Times and App

Though the airport runs an efficient operation, wait times can vary depending on the time of day and terminal. DFW’s official mobile app provides real-time security wait times, gate information, and a map of customs areas to help navigate the process.

Sleep Solutions at DFW

Known for its sleep-friendly atmosphere, DFW has ample chairs and couches for a quick rest. Noteworthy spots include lounge areas in Terminals B, D, and E and rest zones in Terminal C.

Noise and cold could be concerns; bring earplugs and a sweater. In case of large-scale flight cancellations, biodegradable blankets and pillows are available.

For those needing more privacy, on-site hotels and private suites with daybeds in Terminals A and D are viable options.

Airport Lounges At DFW

Airport lounges at Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport offer an oasis of comfort and luxury amid the hustle and bustle of travel.

Whether you’re a business traveler seeking a quiet workspace or a leisure traveler looking for premium amenities, DFW’s lounges deliver an elevated experience.

  1. American Airlines Admirals Club – Terminals A, B, C, D, E. Access: Pay at door with AA ticket.
  2. Centurion Lounge – Terminal D, opposite Gate D12. Showers available.
  3. The Club at DFW – Terminal D, across from Gate 27. All travelers welcome.
  4. Plaza Premium Lounge – Terminal E, near Gate E31.
  5. United Club – Terminal E, between Gates E6 and E7.

Airline-Specific Lounges

First and Business Class travelers can access Delta Sky Club in Terminal E and Lufthansa Lounge in Terminal D.

Military Lounges

USO Lounge provides free amenities for active U.S. military and their families, located in Terminal B at Gate 47.

Services & Facilities at DFW Airport

Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport excels in providing a range of services and amenities designed to meet the needs of today’s travelers.

From pet care facilities to yoga studios, and from high-speed Wi-Fi to numerous dining options, DFW ensures your journey is as smooth as possible.


  1. WiFi – Free throughout the airport.
  2. Postal Services – Previously found in all terminals.
  3. SIM Cards – Location unknown at the time of this update.

Family Services

  1. Baby Care Facilities – Private nursing rooms available at multiple gates.  Location: Airside at Gates A18 B40 C13/14 D36 E14 E26. 
  2. Children’s Play Area – McDonald’s play area at Gate D8, equipped with charging outlets.

Fitness and Relaxation

  1. Walking Path – An almost mile-long path for leisurely strolls located in International Terminal D.
  2. Yoga Studio – Previously equipped studios with mats, balls, and bands.

Food & Drinks

wo 24/7 7-Elevens are located in Terminal C, and the Grand Hyatt in Terminal B also offers round-the-clock options. For more dining choices, you can check out the variety of DFW Airport restaurants.

Travel Assistance

Traveler’s Aid offers a host of services from meet-and-assist to emergency housing. Available at Terminal E, E14 Baggage Claim.


Baggage carts are widely available. No lockers or storage facilities are provided.

Medical Services

Code 3 Urgent Care is your go-to for medical emergencies, located at Upper Level D25.

Mobile Charging

Power stations replete with USB ports are scattered throughout the airport.

Money Matters

  1. ATMs – Found landside and airside across terminals.
  2. Currency Exchange – Travelex kiosks are located in multiple terminals.

Pet Amenities

  1. Pet Hotel – Paradise 4 Paws Pet Resort near the airport’s north entrance offers a range of services.
  2. Pet Relief Areas – Available both airside and landside across terminals.

Spiritual Spaces

Interfaith Chapels are open for visitors in multiple locations.

Rest & Relaxation

  1. Cots – Biodegradable cots available during large-scale cancellations.
  2. Massage Chairs – Scattered throughout various gates.


Duty-free and retail outlets abound, with Duty-Free by TRG offering options at multiple airside gates.

Spa & Showers

  1. Showers – Available in The Club at DFW and Minute Suites.
  2. Spa Services – Options include Be Relax and Spa Here, for beauty treatments and massages, and XpresSpa for quick services.

Airlines Serving DFW Airport

Air CanadaE
Air FranceD
Alaska AirlinesE
American AirlinesA, B, C, D
Boutique AirE
British AirwaysD
Contour AirlinesE
Delta Air LinesE
Denver AirE
Frontier AirlinesE
Japan AirlinesD
Korean AirD
Qatar AirwaysD
Spirit AirlinesE
Southern Airways ExpressE
Sun Country AirlinesE
Turkish AirlinesD
United AirlinesE
Viva AerobusD

DFW Airport Transportation

Navigating your way to and from Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport is a breeze, thanks to a variety of convenient transport options on offer. From car rentals to trains, here’s your comprehensive guide to airport transportation.

Car Rentals

DFW’s Rental Car Center consolidates all your car rental needs. Located near the airport’s south entrance, it hosts an array of agencies like Advantage, Alamo, Avis, Budget, Dollar, Enterprise, Hertz, National, Payless, Sixt, and Thrifty.

Free shuttles ferry passengers 24/7 between the Rental Car Center and the lower levels of each terminal. For the best deals, check out our travel partner at Tripadvisor.

Hotel Shuttles

Accommodation options such as Days Inn, Holiday Inn Express, Hyatt Regency, La Quinta Inn, Red Roof Inn, Sheraton, and The Westin offer shuttle services to and from the airport.

The shuttles are often complementary, adding an extra layer of convenience to your stay.

Inter-Terminal Transportation

DFW Airport runs two kinds of inter-terminal services. The Skylink is a free 24-hour airside train that circulates between terminals at 2-minute intervals, taking 9 minutes end-to-end.

Terminal Link, a landside bus service, is also available. It operates between 5:00AM and 12:00AM, running every 10 minutes and is wheelchair-accessible. After-hours service can be arranged by phone.

Ride Sharing

Ride-sharing services Uber and Lyft are fully operational in Texas. Expect to pay around $30-$40 for a ride to Downtown Dallas.

Shared Ride Vans

Yellow Checker Shuttle provides shared and exclusive door-to-door services within the Dallas/Fort Worth metropolitan area. It’s a budget-friendly option if you’re not in a hurry.


Taxi stands are strategically placed on the lower levels of Terminals A, B, C, D, and E. Airport Guest Assistants are available between 8:00AM and 12:00AM to guide you. Rates are metered, although some taxis offer flat rates to central Dallas and Fort Worth.


If you’re heading downtown, DART trains operate from the DFW Airport Station, accessible via a walkway from Terminal A. DART trains run from 4:17AM to 1:27AM. TEXRail and Trinity Railway Express (TRE) are other train options linking the airport to surrounding areas. Note that TRE doesn’t operate on Sundays.

Pet-friendly Areas At DFW Airport

DFW Airport understands the bond between you and your furry companions. To ease your travel experience, pet relief areas have been established in each of the five terminals.

If you’re flying out of DFW with your pet, remember to have a suitable pet carrier ready. All pets must be on a leash while in the airport.

Law Enforcement Canines

While your pets are welcome, it’s crucial to respect the space of Law Enforcement Canines on duty. Any form of contact, including petting, with these service dogs is strictly prohibited. This is outlined in the DFW Airport Code of Rules and Regulations Chapter 3: Miscellaneous Offenses.

Inside Security Areas

You won’t need to leave the secure area to access these pet relief spots. Here are the locations within each terminal:

  • Terminal A: A29 (Note: Closed through 9/18/23)
  • Terminal B: B28
  • Terminal D: D18
  • Terminal E: E31

Outside Security Areas

For those who need to step outside the terminal, pet relief areas are situated near these entry doors on the lower level:

  • Terminal A: A8
  • Terminal C: C2, C39
  • Terminal D: D15, D29
  • Terminal E: E2, E38

Paradise 4 Paws: A Premier Pet Resort

If your travel plans include an overnight stay at the airport, Paradise 4 Paws is your go-to facility for top-notch pet care. Located outside the secure areas near the airport, the resort offers 24-hour staffing. You can drop off or pick up your pet at any hour. The lobby is open for walk-ins and inquiries from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Tips and hacks

Navigating Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport (DFW) can be an adventure in itself, but for seasoned travelers, knowing a few tips and hacks can make the experience far more enjoyable.

Here are some insights to enhance your journey through this sprawling air hub. For a detailed list of activities and amenities, check out Things to do at DFW Airport.

Terminal Hopping

DFW’s Skylink train can be a godsend for those with long layovers. You can easily hop from one terminal to another in just a few minutes, giving you the chance to explore more lounges, shops, and dining options. Skylink operates airside, so no need to clear security again.

Cheaper Parking

DFW offers various parking options, but for the budget-conscious traveler, Remote Parking is often less expensive. Shuttle services are available to take you to the terminals. For a complete guide to parking facilities, check out Parking at DFW Airport.

Secret Escape

Terminal D is home to a hidden sculpture garden, offering a tranquil escape from the busy terminal environment. Located near Gate D7, it’s a perfect spot to unwind.

Expedited Security

DFW offers TSA PreCheck and CLEAR for quicker security screening. Consider investing in these services if you’re a frequent flyer. Some credit cards even offer fee credits for these services as a perk.

Yoga Rooms

If stretching out before a long flight is important to you, DFW has Yoga rooms located in Terminal B and E where you can practice your poses in peace.

Free Gaming

In Terminal E, you’ll find free gaming stations where you can play video games to pass the time. Great for both kids and adults alike.

Mobile Passport Control

International travelers arriving at DFW can make use of the Mobile Passport Control app to expedite the Customs and Immigration process. This is especially handy during peak travel times.

Gas Savings

DFW has its own gas station, located just outside the south entrance. Fill up your rental car here to save a few bucks as compared to off-airport gas prices.

Minute Suites

For those with an extended layover or delayed flight, the Minute Suites in Terminal A and D provide private spaces to relax, work, or nap. They can be rented by the hour or overnight.

The Airport App

DFW has its own mobile app that provides real-time flight updates, gate information, and even walking directions. It’s a useful tool to have at your fingertips.

DFW Airport Pictures


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