Parking at Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport offers a range of options to suit various needs and budgets.

From short-term parking for quick pickups to long-term lots for extended trips, the airport provides a secure and convenient solution for every traveler. This guide aims to give you a straightforward overview of what’s available, including options for DFW Airport Transportation.

Dallas/Fort Worth Airport Terminal Parking Guide

This guide gives you all the essential information you need for a smooth parking experience at Dallas/Fort Worth Airport’s terminal parking.

Terminal Benefits

  • Direct parking adjacent to all five DFW terminals, offering the closest proximity to gates.
  • Parking guidance systems in garages A, D, and E help you find available spots efficiently.
  • Prepaid parking options offer up to 50% savings, with added promotional offers for deeper discounts.
  • ADA accessible spaces on Levels 1 and 3 facilitate easy terminal access.
Parking Map At DFW :Credit Image dfwairport

Daily Rates

  • 0-8 mins: $6.00
  • 8-30 mins: $2.00
  • 30 mins-2 hrs: $3.00
  • 2-4 hrs: $9.00
  • 4-6 hrs: $10.00
  • 6-24 hrs: $27.00

Payment and Access

  • TollTag available for seamless entry and exit.
  • Accepts cash and major credit cards.
  • Vehicles parked longer than 90 days will be towed.

Special Features

  • Terminal Link offers between-terminal transportation outside of security.
  • EV Charging Stations are available for Valet customers and at select locations in Terminals A and E.

Using TollTag

  • Make sure your TollTag account is current and secured with a credit card.
  • Customers with a cash account must convert to a credit card account for DFW use.
  • Choose “Ticket Only” lanes if you prefer not to use TollTag.

Additional Information

  • Wide lanes accommodate oversized vehicles like 18-wheelers and RVs.
  • Credit card receipts in automated lanes available upon request to expedite exit.

Dallas/Fort Worth Airport Express Parking Guide

Use this guide for a hassle-free parking experience in DFW’s Express lots. Whether you’re looking for quick or extended parking, this guide has you covered.

Parking Map At DFW :Credit Image dfwairport

Express Benefits

  • Located near both North and South entry/exits, offering both covered (Express North only) and uncovered parking.
  • Shuttles take you directly to all terminals for smooth Arrivals/Departures.
  • Prepaid parking options available, save up to 50% on rates.

Daily Rates

  • 0 min – 2 hours: $2.00
  • 2 – 4 hours: $3.00
  • 4 – 6 hours: $4.00
  • 6 – 24 hours: $15.00
  • Covered: $18.00

Payment and Access

  • TollTag available for a streamlined entry and exit experience.
  • Accepts cash, major credit cards, and NTTA TollTags with credit card on file.
  • Parking is limited to 90 days, exceeding this limit will result in towing.

Additional Features

  • Express drop-off and pick-up areas are easy to locate at the lower level of each terminal.
  • For overnight parking needs between 12 a.m. and 5 a.m., call +1-972-574-7500.
  • TollTag must be turned on for DFW Parking and pass-through activity.

Navigation and Convenience

  • Clear signage for “Ticket Only” and Credit lanes at entry and exit plazas.
  • Wide lanes designed for oversized vehicles like buses and 18-wheelers.
  • Credit card receipts are optional, speeding up your exit process if you decline one.

Dallas/Fort Worth Airport Remote South Parking Guide

With its new contactless payment options and continuous shuttle service, Remote South offers practical and economical parking solutions.

Use this guide to navigate Remote South effortlessly. Note that Remote North is currently closed.

Parking Map At DFW :Credit Image dfwairport
Parking Map At DFW :Credit Image dfwairport

Remote Benefits

  • Offering the best value, Remote South is conveniently located just before both the North and South entry/exits.
  • Enjoy non-stop bus service right to your terminal.
  • Now accepting only contactless payment methods, including prepay options for up to 50% off.

Daily Rates

  • 0-2 hours: $1.00
  • 2-4 hours: $2.00
  • 4-6 hours: $3.00
  • 6-24 hours: $12.00

Payment and Access

  • Major credit cards and TollTag payments accepted, with TollTag providing an automated entry and exit.
  • No cash payments are accepted, aligning with the new contactless payment policy.
  • Parking is capped at 90 days; vehicles parked longer will be towed.

Additional Features

  • Well-marked Remote drop-off and pick-up areas located at the lower level of each terminal.
  • For service between 12 a.m. and 5 a.m., contact +1-972-973-3838.

Navigation and Convenience

  • Opt for the “Ticket Only” lane if you’re not using a TollTag.
  • The designated Credit lanes facilitate a faster exit.
  • Wide lanes available for oversized vehicles like RVs and buses.
  • Optional credit card receipts aim to quicken your exit process.

DFW Airport Valet Parking Guide

With its convenient location and an array of amenities, DFW Airport Valet takes the hassle out of airport parking. Make sure to reserve early due to increased demand.

Parking Map At DFW :Credit Image dfwairport

Note on Current Operations

Travel has fully resumed, and DFW Airport Valet is encountering longer than normal wait times. To accommodate this, plan to arrive earlier for both drop-off and pick-up.

Valet Benefits

  • Valet agents are readily available at Arrivals (Level 3) in Terminals A, B, C, and E, as well as curbside at the Departures level of Terminal D.
  • Pick-up and drop-off services span all terminals.
  • Enjoy complimentary electric vehicle charging.
  • Optional car wash and detailing services elevate your experience.

Daily Rates

  • DFW Airport Valet comes in at a flat rate of $40 per day.


  • For a smooth experience, utilize the “scan and go” drop-off service.
  • Reservations can be made through a call to +1-972-574-2407 or by clicking ‘Reserve Now with Valet’.
  • For a streamlined process, download the Valet App for iOS or Android.

Finding Valet

  • Stations are strategically located in 1-hour zones within the Arrivals level garages at A15, A20, A29, B9, B30, C7, C21, E7 (reservation drop-off only), E17, and E28.
  • For those flying from Terminal D, find Valet curbside on the Departures level at D30 and D18.

Valet Quick Links

DFW’s Cell Phone Lots

These cell phone lots are specifically designed to make the pick-up process easier and more convenient. A perfect solution for those looking to avoid circling the airport or incurring extra parking fees.

Alleviating Congestion

DFW Airport recently opened new cell phone lots, aiming to mitigate road congestion and provide a hassle-free area for those waiting to collect arriving travelers.

Cell Phone Lot Benefits

  • Two strategically placed lots are available: one at the North end and another at the South end of the Airport.
  • North Cell Phone Lot: Situated just before the North toll plaza, it offers 53 parking spaces.
  • South Cell Phone Lot: Found adjacent to the intersection of Rental Car Drive and Southgate Avenue, it provides approximately 60 spaces.
  • Enjoy complimentary parking for up to two hours.
  • No extra cost for the waiting period.
  • Ensures quick pick-up for customers as soon as their travelers arrive.

Important Notes

  • Parking duration is capped at two hours for both lots.
  • Vehicles must be attended by a driver at all times; unattended or overnight parking is strictly prohibited.

Parking Fees Waiver for Military Plates at DFW Airport

Those who have served or are serving in the military can benefit from these fee waivers, making travel a little more convenient.

Eligibility Criteria

DFW Airport waives parking fees for vehicles bearing specific military license plates. Two categories are eligible for the waiver:

  1. Disabled Veteran License Plates: Vehicles with Disabled Veteran license plates from Texas or any other U.S. state qualify for fee waivers.
  2. Military Specialty License Plates: Vehicles with any of the following military specialty plates issued by the State of Texas are eligible:
Medal / RecognitionEligibility for Waiver
Airman’s MedalYes
Air MedalYes
Air Medal with ValorYes
Bronze Star MedalYes
Bronze Star Medal with ValorYes
Coast Guard MedalYes
Commendation Medal with ValorYes
Congressional Medal of HonorYes
Defense Meritorious Service MedalYes
Defense Superior Service MedalYes
Distinguished Flying CrossYes
Distinguished Flying Cross with ValorYes
Distinguished Service MedalYes
Legion of MeritYes
Legion of ValorYes
Meritorious Service MedalYes
Military Outstanding Volunteer Service MedalYes
Navy and Marine Corps MedalYes
Pearl Harbor SurvivorYes
Prisoner of War MedalYes
Purple HeartYes
Silver Star MedalYes
Soldier’s MedalYes
WWII VeteranYes

Ineligible Conditions

  • Vehicles displaying dealer’s temporary tags or paper tags.
  • Vehicles issued qualifying plates but not mounted.
  • DFW Valet Parking is not included in this program.

Steps to Receive Waiver

  1. Vehicle must bear the qualifying license plates.
  2. Disable TollTag for DFW Airport use 48 hours prior to travel. Contact NTTA at +1-972-818-6882.
  3. Pull a ticket upon entering DFW Airport through plaza entry lanes.
  4. Park in any facility (up to a maximum of 90 consecutive days).
  5. Upon exit, go through a manned (CASH) lane.
  6. The attendant will verify the qualifying plates and waive any charges.

Frequently Asked Questions

how much is parking at dallas fort worth airport?

Parking at Dallas Fort Worth Airport varies depending on the lot you choose:
Express Parking: Daily rate is $15.00 for uncovered and $18.00 for covered.
Remote South Lot: Daily rate is $12.00.
Valet Parking: Daily rate is $40.00.
Cell Phone Lots: Free for up to two hours.
These are the standard rates as of now and may be subject to change.

do veterans get free parking at dfW airport?

Yes, veterans with Disabled Veteran license plates or specific Military Specialty license plates can get free parking at DFW Airport.

The qualifying Military Specialty license plates include various medals and honors such as the Purple Heart, Air Medal, and Congressional Medal of Honor, among others.

where is the long term parking at dfW?

Long-term parking at Dallas Fort Worth (DFW) Airport is offered in several options:

Terminal Parking: Conveniently located near all five terminals, offering both covered and uncovered parking.

Express Parking: Located near both the North and South entry/exits of the Airport, Express Parking offers covered (at Express North only) and uncovered options. Shuttles directly transport you to all terminals.

Remote Parking: The Remote South lot is open and offers the best value for long-term parking.

Shuttle service is available to and from the terminal.
Each option has different daily rates and features, so you can choose based on your preference for convenience or cost. Remember, parking at DFW Airport is limited to 90 days.

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