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Upon arriving at Schiphol Airport, your journey through the Netherlands is just beginning. Whether you’re heading home, to a hotel, or directly to Amsterdam, a variety of transportation options are at your disposal.

Train, bus, taxi, and rental car services are readily available from the airport for your convenience.

Alternatively, arranging a pickup is also an option. En route to Amsterdam? A quick and seamless journey awaits you, regardless of whether you opt for train, bus, or taxi. Explore all your available options below.

By Train

Hop on a train at Schiphol and gain direct access to numerous destinations across the Netherlands. The NS train station conveniently resides right beneath the terminal building. Simply take an escalator or lift downstairs to board your train. For example, reach Amsterdam Central Station in a swift 14-17 minutes.

Exploring the Netherlands by Train

Schiphol serves as a significant hub in the Dutch rail network, offering seamless connections to various locations nationwide. Plan your train journey efficiently online through or, both providing comprehensive door-to-door public transport advice.

Amsterdam Travel Ticket

Opt for an Amsterdam Travel Ticket for a hassle-free experience across the city’s public transport network. This ticket grants unlimited travel with the Amsterdam Express bus (line 397 or Niteliner N97) from Schiphol to all train stations in Amsterdam. For further details, visit

International Train Services

Tickets for international services operated by Thalys, ICE International, and Eurostar are available for purchase at the NS International desks located at Schiphol Plaza.

Train Tickets and OV-chipkaart

Beyond traditional paper tickets, the ‘OV-chipkaart’ is widely used by locals for train, bus, tram, and metro services. This public transport card comes in several different types to cater to diverse travel needs.

By Bus

At the forefront of Schiphol Plaza, you’ll discover the airport’s bus stations. They facilitate not only urban and regional transport to destinations such as Amsterdam, Leiden, Lisse, Haarlem, and Noordwijk but also offer specialized services like hotel shuttle buses and transit to the P3 car park.

Bus Station Plaza: Gateway to Amsterdam

Embark on most of your adventures through Amsterdam, beginning conveniently at the bus terminal located just outside Schiphol Plaza. The Amsterdam Airport Express (bus 397) offers a swift and direct route to Amsterdam, while the N97 Niteliner is your nocturnal companion. For comprehensive information on bus routes and schedules, please explore

Navigating Public Transport

  • Journey Planning: Utilize for seamless travel planning.
  • Amsterdam Travel Ticket: This inclusive ticket grants you access to virtually all of the city’s public transport options, including unlimited travel with the Amsterdam Express (bus 397) and Niteliner (bus N97) from Schiphol to every train station in Amsterdam. Discover more about the Amsterdam Travel Ticket.

Preparing for Your Bus Journey

  • Plan Ahead: Ensure a smooth journey by planning at
  • Ticket Purchase: Ticket machines are conveniently located at Schiphol Plaza and in Arrivals 1, 2, & 3. Alternatively, onboard payment is available through bank card, credit card, or mobile with OVpay.
  • Check-In and Out: Don’t forget to check in and out as you board and disembark the bus.

By Taxi

Whether you’re journeying to Schiphol by taxi or utilizing taxi services from Schiphol, rest assured that your taxi will promptly greet you right outside the departure and arrival halls. Diverse options are at your fingertips, from standard taxis to the upscale Schiphol Business Taxi and the spacious Schiphol Travel Taxi minibus.

Standard Taxis: Effortless Travel

Enjoy a hassle-free experience with readily available standard taxis. Sit back, relax, and let the experienced driver navigate the roads for you.

Schiphol Travel Taxis: Economical Group Transits

Opt for Schiphol Travel Taxis for cost-effective short journeys, especially if you’re travelling with a group from your household. These larger taxis are perfectly tailored to accommodate group travels.

Schiphol Business Taxis: Luxurious Journey

For those seeking a blend of ultimate comfort and exceptional service, the Schiphol Business Taxis are your go-to option for luxury travel to and from Schiphol.

Seamless Pick-Up and Drop-Off

Initiate your smooth journey at Schiphol’s official taxi rank located in front of Schiphol Plaza. Always adhere to the taxi signs to ensure you are choosing an approved service. Arriving at Schiphol by taxi guarantees a convenient drop-off right at your departure hall.

Drive or rent a car

Envision embarking on a cross-country adventure, the wind caressing your hair – a sensation unattainable on a train. Why not consider renting a car for such an exhilarating experience?

Car Rental

How to Rent

Opting to rent a car is straightforward – you have two choices. Pre-book online with any of the listed companies below, or make an impromptu visit on the day to explore available options.

Where to Go

Every car is available for pick-up at the Car Rental and Service Desk, conveniently located in Schiphol Plaza, the airport’s main foyer. Follow the ‘Car Rental’ signs, complete the required forms, and the helpful desk staff will guide you to the nearby pick-up point.

Return Your Rental Car

When your journey concludes, and you’re ready to take flight, drive to Schiphol via the A4 and follow the ‘Car Rental Return’ signs. Remember to refuel before returning.

Rental Car Companies

Schiphol hosts a myriad of major car rental companies. Here’s a comprehensive list along with their contact information:

CompanyOpening HoursTelephoneWebsite
Avis Budget06:00 – 23:30Avis: +31 88 284 7620Avis
Budget: +31 88 284 7500Budget
Enterprise Rent-A-Car06:00 – 23:00+31 20 740 0950Enterprise
EuropcarMon-Fri: 06:30 – 23:00+31 20 316 4190Europcar
Sat-Sun: 07:00 – 23:00
Hertz06:00 – 23:30+31 20 502 0240Hertz
Sixt06:30 – 23:00+31 20 405 9090Sixt

Choose the one that suits your preferences and requirements for a seamless travel experience. Safe travels!

 shared car

Schiphol Airport facilitates eco-conscious travel by providing designated parking spaces for shared cars. Both SHARE NOW, with 16 spaces, and SIXT share, offering 10, have parking slots conveniently located near the terminal. We prioritize such arrangements as shared car users tend to be more mindful drivers and log fewer kilometers, contributing to reduced road congestion and lower emissions.

Reserving a Shared Car

Both SHARE NOW and SIXT share allow you to book shared cars via their respective apps. SIXT share offers the flexibility of driving to and from the airport and service areas in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, and The Hague, with the option to leave cars at SIXT locations in cities like Utrecht, Eindhoven, and Groningen. SHARE NOW specializes in trips between the airport and Amsterdam.

Locating the Reserved Parking Area

Specific spots in the public parking garage of the World Trade Center are allocated for shared cars. Situated on floor -2 of the WTC parking garage, these spaces are a mere five-minute walk to the terminal. Additionally, eight charging stations are available for easy recharging of your vehicle.

Directions to the World Trade Center Parking Garage

World Trade Center
Schiphol Boulevard 329, 1118 Schiphol.

From Amsterdam:

  • Depart from the A4 motorway and take the exit labeled “Schiphol”.
  • Proceed to exit “P3 Long-term Parking”.
  • Make a left turn onto Schiphol Boulevard and adhere to signs directed to “WTC”. The Hilton Hotel will be visible on your right with the WTC situated just behind it.
  • Follow WTC signs and make a right into the parking garage.
  • Inside the garage, follow the “car sharing” signs to locate the parking spaces on floor -2, row 98/99.

From Terminal:

  • Adhere to the “car sharing” signs.
  • Use the elevator to access level -2.
  • Continue following the car sharing signs to row 98/99.

By Bike

Cycling to and from Schiphol is a breeze. The airport boasts easy accessibility for cyclists, offering a healthier and more sustainable travel alternative. Numerous well-maintained cycle paths lead to the terminals from various directions surrounding the airport.

Bike Parking at the Terminal

Cyclists can ride directly to the terminals and park in the available bike sheds located:

  • At the end of terminals 3 and 4

Given the popularity of cycling to Schiphol, the facilities are frequently used, and it can become crowded. Plans are underway to expand parking facilities to accommodate more cyclists.

Four Weeks of Free Parking

Schiphol offers up to four consecutive weeks of complimentary bike parking. Regular checks are conducted to ensure adherence to this time frame, maintaining availability for other cyclists.

Secure Bike Lockers

Free enclosed bike lockers are conveniently located near the terminals. Cyclists can use their locks to secure their bikes and retrieve them upon return, freeing up the locker for another user.


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