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Effortlessly access O’Hare International Airport via a range of convenient transportation options. The CTA “L” trains and Metra provide economical travel with a CTA Blue Line station located within the airport.

Additionally, various airport shuttles, regional buses, taxis, limousines, and rideshare services cater to passengers throughout the city and suburbs. Multiple rental car companies also service O’Hare.

For self-travelers, a variety of parking options, including hourly, daily, and economical long-term parking, are available. Reserved parking can be pre-booked for added convenience, ensuring smooth arrivals and departures for all passengers.

Connecting Traveler at O’Hare International Airport

Ensuring a seamless journey for every traveler, O’Hare International Airport offers a myriad of straightforward and efficient transit options across its expansive terminals.

The following guide provides concise, essential information to facilitate easy and stress-free connections for both domestic and international passengers.


  • O’Hare Airport houses four terminals: Terminals 1, 2, 3, and 5.
  • Specific airlines operate from each terminal (visit our airlines page for details).

Domestic Connections:

  • Terminals 1-3 are interconnected and do not require re-clearing security for transfers.
  • To connect between different carriers or to international flights, you may:
    • Utilize the Airport Transit System for inter-terminal travel.
    • Use the Terminal Transfer Bus (with boarding pass) between Terminals 1, 3, and 5 at designated pick-up locations: T1/Gate B1, T3/Gate G17 & K20, T5/Gate M13.

International Connections:

  • Passengers from non-preclearance airports must clear U.S. Customs, claim luggage, and recheck it before proceeding.
  • Post-customs, to reach connecting flights in Terminals 1, 2, or 3, use the 24-hour Airport Transit System.
  • All passengers must undergo Transportation Security Administration (TSA) security screening.

Shuttles and Buses

Navigating through O’Hare International Airport becomes a breeze with its accessible shuttles and regional buses, designed to provide passengers a smooth journey from various regions to the airport.


A spectrum of airport shuttles is available, presenting a convenient alternative for transit between the city, suburbs, and O’Hare, ensuring passengers and visitors reach their destination or hotel with ease.

Regional Buses

From June 1, 2023, O’Hare repositions its regional bus service from the Bus/Shuttle Center to the Multi-Modal Facility (MMF), 10255 W. Zemke Road. For passengers embarking or concluding their journeys outside the Chicagoland area, several regional buses connect O’Hare to locales in Illinois, Indiana, and Wisconsin.

The below details are provided as a courtesy and should not be perceived as an endorsement by the Chicago Department of Aviation.

Please refer directly to provider websites for the most up-to-date offerings.

Note: From June 1, 2023, the regional bus services will relocate to the MMF, while shuttles will transition at a subsequent, yet-to-be-announced date.

Shuttle and Bus Information

ProviderService AreasContactNote/StatusWebsite
Coach USA/ Van GalderJanesville, WI, Madison, WI, South Beloit, IL, Rockford, IL1-800-747-0994Website
Coach USA/ Wisconsin Coach LineKenosha, WI, Racine, WI, Milwaukee, WI, Brookfield/Waukesha, WI, Milwaukee, Mitchell Airport1-800-747-0994Website
Express Air CoachWest Lafayette, IN, Champaign/Urbana, IL, Hammond, IN, Elgin, IL1-765-743-3120Temporary pause in June and July 2023.Website
Lafayette Limo Inc.Various locations on Purdue University’s West Lafayette, IN campus1-765-498-3828Website
PCC/Peoria Charter CoachPeoria, Normal, Bloomington/Normal Airport, Champaign, Chicago (Midway Airport, Amtrak Union Station)1-800-448-0572Website
Reindeer ShuttleChicago, Purdue University (West Lafayette, IN), Indianapolis, IN, Crestwood, IL765-637-5124Website

Bus / Shuttle Center Location

  • Level 1 of the Main Parking Garage between Elevator Centers 3 and 4.

Taxi, Limo, and Rideshare Services


O’Hare ensures a straightforward taxi service for travelers with Taxi Stands conveniently situated at each terminal’s lower level curb front, outside of Baggage Claim.

  • Destination Options: Both Chicago and suburban areas.
  • Average Fare: $30-40 from O’Hare to downtown Chicago (subject to traffic conditions).
  • Wheelchair Accessibility: Call 1-888-928-2227.
  • Fare and Service Details: Visit Ride Smart Chicago.
  • Shared Ride Service: Flat rate, shared ride options to downtown, McCormick Place, and Midway International Airport are available at various per-person fares.


Whether heading to Chicago or a suburban locale, limousine services provide a lavish transit option.

  • Booking: Contact your preferred limousine company and make a reservation.
  • Pre-Arranged Rides: Communicate with your limo service post-luggage claim for car details and meet-up point.
  • Meeting Options: Drivers may meet you at Baggage Claim or other agreed-upon locations within the area.
  • Walk Time to Vehicle: Typically, 5-7 minutes.


Rideshare platforms, such as Uber and Lyft, offer prearranged, app-based transportation services connecting passengers with drivers for hire.

  • Loading Zones: Designated at various zones in Terminal 2’s upper level.
  • Zone Details:
    • BLACK Zone A: Outside, north of vestibule 2A.
    • BLUE Zone B: Outside vestibule 2A.
    • ORANGE Zone C: Outside vestibule 2B.
    • GREEN Zone D: Outside vestibule 2D.
  • Waiting: Inside waiting area available between vestibules 2A and 2D.
  • Black Car Pickups: Continually provided on the lower level of all terminals.

Ensure you utilize designated stands and zones, adhering to the guidelines for a smooth and safe journey from O’Hare International Airport, whether you’re utilizing a taxi, limousine, or rideshare service.

Car Rental

Navigating through O’Hare International Airport’s car rental options is smooth and straightforward with all rental companies centrally located in the Multi-Modal Facility (MMF). To access the MMF from the terminals, passengers can conveniently use the Airport Transit System (ATS).

Address of MMF: 10255 W. Zemke Blvd., Chicago, IL 60666. View on Google Maps.

Rental Car Companies at a Glance:

CompanyPhone Number
Alamo(844) 354-6962
Avis(773) 825-4600
Budget(800) 218-7992
Dollar(800) 800-4000
Enterprise(855) 266-9289
Fox(323) 593-7485
Hertz(800) 654-3131
National(800) 367-6767
Payless(800) 729-5377
Routes Car Rental(847) 671-4000
Sixt(888) 749-8227
Thrifty(800) 847-4389

Drop-Off and Pick-Up

Ensuring a smooth transit for the multitude of travelers at O’Hare International Airport, the airport provides a variety of convenient options to facilitate easy drop-offs and pick-ups.

Drop Off Options

1. Curb Front

  • Procedure: Follow the signs for “Departures” to reach the upper-level roadway and drop off at the relevant terminal.
  • Wheelchair Assistance: Available via airlines. Pre-arrangements recommended.

2. Kiss ‘n’ Fly

  • Drop-Off: Located off Mannheim Road and Zemke Boulevard, northeast corner of the MMF.
  • Pick-Up: Via ATS back to the MMF with a 15-minute parking limit.
  • Directions: Accessible via I-190 Exit 2A or from Higgins Rd, following signs to Bessie Coleman Drive.

Pick-Up Options

1. Curb Front

  • Location: Lower level, outermost curb, following “Arrivals” signs.
  • Note: Curbside waiting is not allowed—unattended vehicles may be ticketed and towed.

2. Cell Phone Lot

  • Purpose: A complimentary temporary parking area for awaiting arrivals.
  • Location: 560 North Bessie Coleman Drive, Chicago 60666.
  • Benefit: Prevents unnecessary airport circulation, reducing traffic, pollution, and fuel consumption.

Direction to Cell Phone Lot

  • From City of Chicago: Follow the Bessie Coleman Dr. Exit and continue to the Cell Phone Lot.
  • From Mannheim Rd.: Merge onto I-190 West, take the Bessie Coleman Dr. Exit, and proceed to the Cell Phone Lot.
  • Terminal 1, 2, 3: Follow I-190 East, take the exit towards Mannheim Rd./Terminal 5, use the left two lanes, turn left onto Bessie Coleman Dr., and in 0.2 miles, turn right to the Cell Phone Lot.
  • Terminal 5: Head North onto Bessie Coleman Dr., continue for 0.3 miles, and turn right to reach the Cell Phone Lot.

Public Transit to and from O’Hare International Airport

Navigating through O’Hare International Airport is a breeze thanks to diverse public transit options, offering passengers budget-friendly and convenient travel solutions.

Below is a guide through the Chicago Transit Authority (CTA), Metra, and Pace bus routes that facilitate easy transit to and from the airport.

CTA Blue Line: Affordable 24/7 Service

  • Frequency: 24-hour service with intensified schedules during weekday rush hours.
  • Connections: Easily link to most other CTA lines.
  • Location: Situated on the lower level of the parking garage.
  • Directions: Utilize the “Trains to City” overhead signs for guidance through pedestrian tunnels in the Basement Level to reach the station.
  • Fare Purchase: Available through vending machines outside the station, accepting both cash and credit.

View the latest schedule and alerts directly on the CTA Website.

Metra: Expansive Commuter Train Service

  • Location: Positioned on the northeast side of O’Hare at Zemke and Mannheim Roads.
  • Directions: Utilize the shuttle bus at the rental car pick-up on each terminal’s lower level, moving to the Multi-Modal Facility, and proceeding on foot to the Metra station.
  • Payment: Purchases can be made directly from the conductor aboard the train.

For details on Metra’s services, schedules, and fare information, refer to their website.

North Central Service Line Stations

From Union Station and traversing through stations like Western Ave, Schiller Park, Rosemont, and culminating at Antioch, the North Central Service Line interlinks numerous locations for comprehensive coverage. Additional station details, schedules, and trip planning are accessible here.

Pace: Convenient Bus Service from MMF

  • Location: Pace bus services operate from the Multi-Modal Facility, utilizing Bus bays #8 and #9.

Pace Route 250

  • Service Areas: Includes destinations like Davis Street CTA Station, Skokie Swift CTA Station, Notre Dame and Main East High Schools, and Lutheran General Hospital.
  • Route Info: Detailed destination, fare, and schedule information available here.

Pace Route 330

  • Service Highlights: Encompasses locations like Amtrak/Metra BNSF Line La Grange Road Station and Countryside Plaza.
  • Additional Details: Explore further on destination, fare, and schedule specifics here.

Navigating Between O’Hare and Midway

Navigating between O’Hare and Midway International Airports is straightforward with a couple of viable transportation options available. When planning your transit, especially with a connecting flight in the offing, ensure ample time to move from one airport to the other.

Chicago Transit Authority (CTA): Budget-friendly Transit

  • Route: Blue Line (O’Hare) -> Orange Line (Midway)
  • Duration: Approximately 2 hours. Ensure a generous window of time for the journey.

Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Start: Begin at the O’Hare Station, located on the lower level of Terminal 2, and board the Blue Line train.
  2. Transfer: Disembark at the Clark/Lake Station downtown and switch to the Orange Line. This transfer is free of charge.
  3. Arrival: Board the Orange Line towards Midway, alighting at the Midway Station.

Additional details and trip planning tools are accessible on the CTA website.

Taxi: A Direct and Convenient Choice

Taxis offer a straightforward option for a more direct route from O’Hare to Midway. Be mindful that rates can fluctuate based on the time of day, weather conditions, and the chosen cab service.

Shared Ride Service

  • Pricing: Shared ride services are available at a rate of $37 per person from O’Hare to Midway.
  • Convenience: This is a feasible option for those traveling with multiple parties and desiring a more straightforward path.

Click here for more comprehensive information on taxi services.

Important Considerations:

  • Timing: Be mindful of your travel times, ensuring a generous buffer to manage any unexpected delays and security checks, especially if you’re making a connecting flight.
  • Peak Hours: Remember that travel times might be impacted during peak hours or due to any unforeseen disruptions, so always check for any travel alerts.
  • Fares: Always confirm fare details, whether opting for public transport or a taxi, to manage your travel budget effectively.


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