what terminal is united airlines at pearson

Traveling through airports can often be a stressful experience, filled with uncertainty about where to go, what to do, and how to spend your time.

However, my recent journey with United Airlines through Toronto Pearson International Airport (YYZ) was a seamless and pleasant experience, thanks to clear information and excellent facilities.

This guide, based on my firsthand experience, aims to provide a detailed overview of navigating Pearson Airport when flying with United Airlines, particularly regarding terminal information, check-in, amenities, and tips to enhance your travel experience.

Terminal Information for United Airlines at Pearson

United Airlines Operates from Terminal 1

United Airlines flights at Toronto Pearson International Airport depart from Terminal 1. This terminal is known for its modern architecture, efficient layout, and a wide array of passenger amenities.

what terminal is united airlines at pearson

Terminal 1 serves both domestic and international flights, making it a bustling hub for travelers heading to various destinations.

Check-in and Baggage Drop

Upon arrival at Terminal 1, I found United Airlines’ check-in counters easily, located in the departures hall.

The area was well-signposted, and there were both staffed counters and self-service kiosks available for check-in and baggage drop.

what terminal is united airlines at pearson

The process was straightforward, with United Airlines’ staff on hand to assist with any questions or special requirements.

Security Screening

The security screening process at Terminal 1 was efficient, even with the terminal’s busy nature. Clear signage directed me to the appropriate lines for both standard and TSA PreCheck (for eligible passengers).

While peak times can see longer wait times, my experience was swift, thanks to ample staffing and well-organized queues.

Amenities and Services in Terminal 1

Terminal 1 offers a wealth of amenities that cater to the diverse needs of travelers:

what terminal is united airlines at pearson
  • Dining Options: The terminal houses a variety of dining options, ranging from quick snacks and coffee shops to full-service restaurants offering international cuisines. I appreciated the range of choices available, suitable for all tastes and dietary requirements.
  • Shopping: For those interested in retail therapy or picking up last-minute travel essentials, Terminal 1 does not disappoint. The selection includes duty-free shops, luxury brand stores, and souvenir shops, offering plenty of browsing and shopping opportunities.
  • Lounges: United Airlines passengers have access to the United Club Lounge in Terminal 1, which provides a comfortable and quiet space to relax or work before their flight. The lounge offers complimentary snacks, beverages, and Wi-Fi, enhancing the pre-flight experience.
  • Connectivity: Free Wi-Fi is available throughout Terminal 1, making it easy to stay connected. Additionally, there are numerous charging stations and workstations for travelers needing to charge their devices or catch up on work.

Boarding and Departures

Finding the departure gate for my United Airlines flight in Terminal 1 was a breeze, thanks to clear signage and ample information screens displaying flight details.

The gate area was spacious, with plenty of seating and additional amenities like charging points.

what terminal is united airlines at pearson

The boarding process was organized and timely, with United Airlines staff providing clear instructions and assistance as needed.

Tips for a Smooth Experience with United Airlines at Pearson

  • Arrival Time: To ensure a stress-free experience, arrive at the airport at least 2 hours before domestic flights and 3 hours before international flights, especially during peak travel times.
  • United Airlines App: Downloading the United Airlines app can provide real-time flight updates, mobile boarding passes, and more, streamlining your travel experience.
  • Explore Terminal 1: Take advantage of the terminal’s amenities, whether it’s enjoying a meal, doing some shopping, or relaxing in a lounge.
  • Stay Charged and Connected: Make use of the free Wi-Fi and charging stations to ensure your devices are ready for your journey.


My experience flying with United Airlines from Toronto Pearson International Airport was notably smooth and enjoyable.

Terminal 1’s facilities and services significantly contributed to a positive start to my journey, highlighting the importance of knowing your terminal and what it offers.

Whether you’re a frequent flyer or a first-time traveler, understanding the layout, amenities, and tips for navigating the airport can make all the difference in ensuring a pleasant travel experience.

With this guide, my aim is to provide you with the insights needed to navigate Terminal 1 confidently when flying with United Airlines.

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