Terminal C Boston Airport

During my recent trip that started at Boston Logan International Airport (BOS), I had the opportunity to fly with JetBlue, a carrier known for its customer service and extensive network.

Given JetBlue’s significant presence at Logan, I was initially curious about navigating the terminal assignments for my domestic departure and later, for my international return flight.

This guide is drawn from my experience, aimed to assist fellow travelers in understanding JetBlue’s terminal operations at BOS.

JetBlue’s Terminal Assignments at Boston Logan

 Terminal C Boston Airport

Boston Logan International Airport, serving as a key hub for JetBlue, organizes its operations across multiple terminals. JetBlue flights are primarily handled in the following terminals:

  • Terminal C for Domestic Arrivals and Departures
  • Terminal E for International Arrivals
  • Terminal C for International Departures

Terminal C: The Heart of JetBlue’s Operations

 Terminal C Boston Airport

My journey with JetBlue began with a domestic flight departing from Terminal C. This terminal serves as the nucleus of JetBlue’s operations at Logan, catering to both domestic arrivals and departures.

Check-In and Security at Terminal C

Upon entering Terminal C, I found JetBlue’s check-in counters easily accessible, marked by the carrier’s distinctive branding.

Options for check-in included self-service kiosks, manned counters for baggage check, and assistance. Opting for a self-service kiosk, the process was streamlined and user-friendly, allowing me to check in and drop off my luggage swiftly.

 Terminal C Boston Airport

Security at Terminal C was efficient, though I recommend allowing extra time during peak travel periods. The TSA staff were professional, and the lines moved at a reasonable pace, ensuring travelers reached their gates on time.

Amenities and Services in Terminal C

Terminal C offers a wide array of amenities, including dining options ranging from quick snacks to full-service restaurants, retail stores for last-minute shopping, and lounges for those seeking a quiet space before their flight.

My wait in Terminal C was made pleasant by these conveniences, with ample seating and charging stations available throughout the terminal.

Terminal E for International Arrivals


Upon returning to Boston on an international JetBlue flight, I arrived at Terminal E. This terminal is designated for all international arrivals at Logan, regardless of the departure terminal.

Navigating Terminal E

Terminal E, known for handling international traffic, is equipped with customs and immigration facilities to process incoming passengers.

The arrival process was straightforward, with clear signage guiding passengers through passport control and baggage claim.


Although the lines at immigration can be long, especially during peak arrival times, the process was organized, and staff were on hand to assist as needed.

Transitioning Between Terminals

For travelers needing to transfer between Terminals C and E, whether for connecting flights or after international arrivals, Logan Airport provides several options:

  • On Foot: Walking between Terminal C and Terminal E is possible via marked pedestrian paths. The walk offers an opportunity to stretch your legs, with clear signage making the route easy to navigate.
  • Shuttle Service: Logan Airport offers complimentary shuttle services that connect all terminals. These shuttles are convenient for passengers with heavy luggage or when the weather is less favorable for walking.

Tips for JetBlue Passengers at Boston Logan

Based on my experience, here are some tips for a seamless journey with JetBlue at Logan:

  1. Check Your Terminal: Always verify your terminal and gate information before arriving at the airport, as assignments can change.
  2. Arrive Early: Particularly for international departures from Terminal C and for arrivals in Terminal E, arriving early can alleviate any stress associated with security and customs processes.
  3. Enjoy Terminal Amenities: Both Terminals C and E offer a variety of dining and shopping options. Arriving with some extra time allows you to explore these amenities and enjoy a more relaxed pre-flight or post-arrival experience.
  4. Stay Informed: Keep an eye on flight updates via JetBlue’s app or text notifications. Staying informed can help you navigate any last-minute changes smoothly.


Navigating JetBlue’s terminal operations at Boston Logan International Airport is a straightforward affair, thanks to the well-organized layout of Terminals C and E.

Whether you’re departing on a domestic flight, embarking on an international journey, or arriving from abroad, understanding the terminal assignments and the amenities they offer can significantly enhance your travel experience.

My journey with JetBlue at BOS was marked by efficiency and comfort, reflecting the airport’s commitment to accommodating the needs of travelers and JetBlue’s dedication to providing a pleasant travel experience.

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