JFK Airport Parking

My recent trip from John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK) necessitated driving to the airport and leaving my car parked for the duration of my journey.

Given JFK’s status as one of the busiest airports globally, I was initially concerned about the complexity and cost of parking.

This guide, drawn from my firsthand experience, aims to demystify JFK airport parking, offering insights and practical tips for travelers looking to navigate this aspect of their travel with ease.

Understanding JFK Airport Parking Options

JFK offers a variety of parking options to cater to different needs and budgets, including short-term, long-term, and reserved parking spaces across its terminals. Here’s an overview:

Short-Term Parking (Green, Blue, Yellow, Orange, and Red Parking Lots)

Located near each terminal, short-term parking lots are ideal for those picking up or dropping off passengers.

JFK Airport Parking

I found the rates to be relatively higher due to the convenience of proximity to the terminals. The first half-hour was charged at $4, with charges increasing to $8 for up to 1 hour, and $4 for each additional half hour, up to a daily maximum of $36.

Long-Term Parking (Lefferts Blvd)

For longer trips, the long-term parking lot situated about 4 miles from the terminals offers a more economical solution.

A 24-hour period here costs significantly less than short-term parking. Frequent, complimentary shuttle service connects this lot to all terminals, making it a convenient and cost-effective option.

The daily rate was $18, which I found to be a reasonable compromise between cost and convenience.

Reserved Parking

JFK also offers a reserved parking service in all lots, allowing travelers to book a parking space in advance for an additional reservation fee.

This service provides peace of mind, especially during peak travel times when parking spaces might be in high demand.

Navigating to JFK and Parking

Driving to JFK from Manhattan, I followed the GPS directions, which led me seamlessly to the airport.

Clear signage along the roadways directed me to the various parking lots, and I opted for the long-term parking at Lefferts Blvd, considering the length of my trip.

JFK Airport Parking

Upon entering the lot, I took a ticket from the automated machine at the entrance and followed the signs to find an available parking space. The lot was well-lit and felt secure, with visible patrolling by security personnel.

Shuttle Service to Terminals

After parking, I located the nearest shuttle stop, clearly marked within the lot. The shuttle arrived within a few minutes.

The driver assisted with luggage, providing a smooth transfer to my departure terminal. The shuttle buses are equipped with ample space for luggage and offer a convenient way to reach the terminals without the hassle of navigating through airport traffic.

Returning to JFK and Retrieving Your Car

Upon my return to JFK, I caught the shuttle back to the long-term parking lot from the same terminal where I was dropped off.

Locating my car was straightforward, thanks to the lot’s organized layout and my note of the parking spot number before my departure.

JFK Airport Parking

Payment for parking was made at an automated kiosk near the shuttle stop in the parking lot, where I entered my parking ticket and paid the total amount due. Credit cards and cash were accepted, making the process quick and efficient.

Tips for JFK Airport Parking

Based on my experience, here are several tips for a hassle-free parking experience at JFK:

  1. Choose the Right Parking Option: Consider the length of your trip and budget when selecting between short-term and long-term parking. For longer trips, the long-term lot offers substantial savings.
  2. Reserve in Advance: If you’re traveling during a busy period, consider using the reserved parking service to guarantee a spot.
  3. Note Your Parking Spot: JFK’s parking lots are large. Save your parking spot number on your phone or write it down to avoid any confusion upon your return.
  4. Allow Extra Time: Factor in additional time for parking and shuttle transfer to your terminal, especially if you’re using the long-term lot.
  5. Keep Your Parking Ticket Safe: You’ll need your ticket to exit the parking lot, so keep it in a safe place during your trip.


Parking at JFK International Airport, while initially daunting, turned out to be a straightforward aspect of my travel preparations.

The variety of parking options available catered well to my needs, offering both convenience and affordability.

The shuttle service was particularly commendable, providing prompt and courteous transfers between the parking lot and terminals.

With some planning and knowledge of the available services, parking at JFK can be a smooth, stress-free experience, allowing you to focus on your journey ahead.

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