Istanbul Airport Amenities: Exploring Shower Facilities

During a recent layover at Istanbul Airport (IST), one of the world’s largest and most modern airports, I found myself in need of freshening up before my next flight.

Recognizing this common traveler’s need, I set out to explore the shower facilities available within the airport. This guide aims to provide a detailed account of my experience, offering valuable insights for fellow travelers seeking similar amenities at IST.

Overview of Istanbul Airport

Opened in 2018, Istanbul Airport is designed to handle large volumes of passengers, offering a wide array of amenities aimed at enhancing the travel experience.

From vast shopping areas and lounges to dining options that cater to a global palate, the airport is a city within a city. Among these facilities, shower amenities stand out as a particularly welcome feature for long-haul travelers.

Locating the Shower Facilities

1. YOTELAIR Istanbul Airport (Landside and Airside): My first discovery was the YOTELAIR Istanbul Airport hotel, which uniquely operates both landside and airside locations. The airside section is accessible without having to clear immigration, making it an ideal option for transit passengers.

Istanbul Airport Amenities: Exploring Shower Facilities
  • Airside Location: Situated near Duty-Free Area, Gate B1.
  • Landside Location: Located at the Departures Floor, before security and passport control, which is perfect for those who have just arrived or are departing from Istanbul.

2. IGA Lounge: Additionally, the IGA Lounge, accessible to all passengers for a fee, offers shower facilities as part of its comfort services. Located airside, this lounge is an option worth considering for those with access through their flight ticket class, frequent flyer status, or by paying an entry fee.

Istanbul Airport Amenities: Exploring Shower Facilities

My Experience

Opting for the YOTELAIR airside, I was intrigued by the convenience of not having to exit the secure area. Here’s a breakdown of my experience:

Booking and Pricing: Booking a cabin for a minimum of four hours gave me access to a private shower, bed, and a space to relax.

The cost was reasonable, considering the level of comfort provided. Prices vary depending on the time of day and demand, so it’s advisable to book in advance or inquire directly at the hotel for the best rates.

Facilities: The shower room was modern, clean, and equipped with various amenities, including towels, soap, and shampoo. The water pressure was excellent, and the ability to take a hot shower between flights was incredibly refreshing.

Istanbul Airport Amenities: Exploring Shower Facilities

Additional Amenities: Beyond the shower, my cabin also featured a comfortable bed, Wi-Fi, and a workstation, allowing for rest and productivity.

Tips for Using Shower Facilities at Istanbul Airport

  1. Plan Ahead: Consider your layover duration and schedule when planning to use shower facilities. Booking in advance can ensure availability and potentially better rates.
  2. Pack Essentials: While shower amenities are provided, having your travel-sized toiletries can add a personal touch to your refreshment routine.
  3. Consider Lounge Access: If you’re looking for a more comprehensive set of amenities along with your shower, the IGA Lounge might be a suitable option, offering food, beverages, and resting areas in addition to shower facilities.
  4. Stay Informed: Airport amenities may change or vary in availability. It’s wise to check the Istanbul Airport website or directly contact the service provider for the most current information.
  5. Budget Accordingly: Access to shower facilities, especially within a hotel setting, comes at a cost. Consider this as part of your travel budget, especially if a refreshing shower is a priority for your layover comfort.


The availability of shower facilities at Istanbul Airport significantly enhances the layover experience for travelers.

Whether opting for the convenience of YOTELAIR or the added luxury of lounge access, there are options to suit various needs and preferences.

My decision to utilize the YOTELAIR shower facilities proved to be a wise one, allowing me to board my next flight feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

For fellow travelers passing through IST, taking advantage of these amenities can transform a lengthy layover into a moment of relaxation and comfort in an otherwise hectic travel schedule.

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