how much is parking at newark airport

Navigating parking at a bustling airport can sometimes feel as daunting as the flight itself, especially when it comes to managing costs and understanding the myriad of options available.

During my recent trip through Newark Liberty International Airport, I had the opportunity to delve into the parking situation firsthand, exploring the differences between Short Term Parking A, B & C, Daily Parking, and Economy Parking.

This guide is crafted from my experience, aimed at helping fellow travelers navigate Newark’s parking with ease.

Overview of Newark Airport Parking Options

Newark Liberty International offers a range of parking options to fit the needs of different travelers, including Short Term, Daily, and Economy parking. Each option comes with its own set of rates and prebooking advantages.

Short Term Parking A, B & C

how much is parking at newark airport

My Experience: Ideal for those needing quick access to terminals for drop-offs or pick-ups. The rates are steep if you plan on staying more than a few hours, but the proximity to the terminals is unmatched.

  • Drive-Up Rate: $5.25 per half hour, with a 24-hour maximum of $65.00 in Lot A and $70.00 in Lots B & C.
  • Prebook Rate: A significant discount is available if you book at least 24 hours in advance, reducing the 24-hour maximum to $44.00.

Daily Parking (Garage P4)

My Experience: A balance between cost and convenience. Garage P4 offers covered parking and slightly cheaper rates than the Short Term lots, with easy access to terminals via the airport’s AirTrain.

  • Drive-Up Rate: $4.25 per half hour, with a 24-hour maximum of $60.00.
  • Prebook Rate: Booking ahead can reduce the 24-hour rate to $38.00, making it an economical choice for multi-day trips.

Economy Parking

My Experience: The most budget-friendly option, located further from the terminals but serviced by a reliable and frequent shuttle service. Perfect for long trips where affordability trumps convenience.

  • Drive-Up Rate: $35.00 for the first 24 hours, then $17.50 for each additional 12-hour period.
  • Prebook Rate: An even more affordable $25.00 per day rate is available, making it the best option for extended stays.

Long Term Parking

For those embarking on extended trips or needing prolonged parking at Newark Liberty International Airport, the Long Term parking option is structured to accommodate stays exceeding 30 days.

how much is parking at newark airport

Upon arrival, it’s essential to contact ABM at 973-961-6421 or 973-961-6422, providing your name, license plate number, and the estimated parking duration.

Be advised, vehicles parked beyond the 30-day limit without notification will be towed, incurring retrieval costs.

This policy underscores the importance of communicating your long-term parking plans to ensure your vehicle’s safety and avoid unnecessary expenses.

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

how much is parking at newark airport

Newark Liberty International Airport embraces the growing trend of electric vehicles (EV) by offering convenient charging stations.

EV owners will find charging facilities readily available in Lot P4 at the Ground Level and Parking A on Levels 4 and 5.

These stations, integrated with ChargePoint and PowerFlex networks, allow access through an RFID-enabled credit card, a ChargePoint access card, or the PowerFlex app, making it easy to start charging upon parking.

Payment Methods

All parking lots at Newark accept major credit/debit cards, E-ZPass Plus, and contactless payments like Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay. It’s important to note that cash is not accepted.

Passenger Drop-off and Pick-up

Directly in front of the terminals is strictly for active loading and unloading. For longer waits, the short-term parking or the free Cell Phone Lots are recommended. These lots are conveniently located and provide a hassle-free option for those waiting for arriving passengers.

Economy Parking Shuttle Service

The free courtesy shuttle from Lot P6 runs 24/7, making rounds every 10 minutes. For those parked in the Economy lot, this service ensures that access to and from the terminals is straightforward and stress-free.

how much is parking at newark airport

Tips for a Smooth Parking Experience at Newark

  1. Prebook Your Parking: Not only does this guarantee a spot, but it also offers significant savings, especially for long-term stays.
  2. Utilize E-ZPass Plus: For a quick and seamless exit, E-ZPass Plus is a game-changer. Make sure it’s activated before your trip.
  3. Consider Your Parking Needs: Short visits call for Short Term parking, while longer trips benefit from the Economy lot.
  4. Keep Track of Time: Be mindful of the time you spend in parking areas, as rates can accumulate quickly, especially in the Short Term lots.
  5. Use the Cell Phone Lot: A convenient, cost-free way to wait for arriving passengers without circling the terminals.


My journey through the parking offerings at Newark Liberty International Airport revealed a system designed to cater to a variety of needs and budgets.

Whether opting for the convenience of Short Term Parking, the balanced offer of Daily Parking, or the affordability of Economy Parking, planning ahead and understanding the rates and policies can make navigating airport parking a stress-free part of your travel experience.

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