Airport Restaurants

Explore Frankfurt Airport’s diverse culinary scene that caters to all palates and schedules. Whether you’re in a rush or have time to savor a sit-down meal, here’s your guide to the best dining options from Terminal 1 to Terminal 2.

Terminal 1 Restaurants

In Terminal 1 of Frankfurt Airport, the dining options are abundant and varied, covering Halls A, B, C, and Z. From fast-food giants to upscale dining, there’s something to meet the needs of every traveler.

Here are your top choices to satisfy your hunger before takeoff or during a layover.

Hall A Restaurants

Best Worscht in Town

Located in Terminal 1, Area A, Level 0, Best Worscht in Town has become a Frankfurt staple, serving its iconic currywurst from 10:00 to 22:00 daily.

The German delicacy of pork or beef sausage is boiled, fried, chopped, and coated in ketchup and curry powder, available with either French fries or sourdough bread.

For those who like it hot, a “Spiciness Meter” lets you dial in your desired level of heat. Organic and vegan options round out the menu, making it a must-try for anyone navigating Frankfurt Airport.

Brezel Lovers Mobil

Located in Terminal 1, Area A , Level 2 &  Area Z, Level 3 and open from 06:00 to 14:00 daily, Brezel Lovers Mobil is the go-to spot for pretzel aficionados.

Offering a diverse range of giant soft pretzels—from sweet to spicy and from vegetarian to vegan—this outlet is all about celebrating the beloved pretzel.

The menu even includes inventive options like pretzel salad and delightful pretzel snacks. Complementing the pretzel-centric offerings are various coffee specialties and nonalcoholic beverages, perfect for rounding out your snack or meal.

Caffè Kimbo

Situated in Terminal 1, Area A, Level 1, Caffè Kimbo brings authentic Italian coffee culture to Frankfurt Airport.

Open daily from 07:30 to 20:00, this European concept store stands out with its traditional Neapolitan flip pot brewing method, known as “cuccuma,” providing a visual spectacle for patrons.

Alongside its unique brewing experience, the café offers a full roster of popular coffee options, tea, and chilled beverages. Complementing the drinks are traditional Neapolitan baked goods and a selection of genuine Italian snacks. Opening hours are subject to the current flight schedule.

Goodman & Filippo

Located in Terminal 1, Area A, Level 2 and open daily from 06:00 to 21:30, Goodman & Filippo offers an eclectic mix of Italian-American fare in a delicatessen setting.

The menu spans from Detox Salad to New York Surf-and-Turf Burger, with a variety of focaccia, sandwiches, and dolci in between. Whether you’re grabbing a beer or a non-alcoholic drink, all items are available for take-away or on-site dining, complete with a direct view of the apron.

Hermann’s Mobil

For the sausage aficionados, Hermann’s Mobil in Terminal 1, Area A, Level 2 is a must-visit. Open daily from 06:00 to 21:30, the menu features a variety of classic German sausages, including bockwurst, currywurst, and Frankfurter.

Whether you’re a traditionalist or looking to try something new, Hermann’s has got you covered.

Heberer’s Traditional Bakery

If you’re a connoisseur of fine baked goods, make a point to visit Heberer’s Traditional Bakery located in Terminal 1, Area A, Level 2. With a baking tradition spanning over 100 years, expect nothing short of excellence.

From truffle salami in ciabatta to fougasse with oil seeds and traditional poppy-seed cake, every offering adheres to the highest standard.

Complement your choice with their long-roasted gourmet coffee made from 100% arabica beans, or opt for tea or hot chocolate. Open daily from 05:00 to 22:00, it’s a sanctuary for those who appreciate the finer things.

Hausmann’s Bar (To Go) by Tim Mälzer

For travelers seeking a culinary delight on the fly, Hausmann’s Bar (To Go) is a must-visit. Located just steps away from its full-service counterpart, Hausmann’s Restaurant, the bar is at Terminal 1, Area A, Level 2.

Designed meticulously down to the last detail, it offers an array of mouthwatering take-away snacks that may just tempt you to linger longer than intended.

The offerings include a broad selection of craft beers, home-made juices, smoothies, and shakes, available in both alcoholic and health-conscious versions. Open every day from 06:00 to 22:00, it’s the perfect spot for pre-flight indulgence.

Hausmann’s Restaurant by Tim Mälzer

Combining the warmth of a bistro with the sophistication of a brasserie, Hausmann’s Restaurant at Frankfurt Airport has been delivering top-notch dining experiences for a decade.

Created by the dynamic duo of TV chef Tim Mälzer and entrepreneur Patrick Rüther, the venue is in Terminal 1, Area A, Level 2 and open daily from 06:00 to 22:00.

It’s a hub of culinary innovation featuring seasonal light cuisine and sustainably reared meat, all prepared in an open kitchen.

The cozy setting is complemented by an international breakfast menu and a café bar serving baked goods and snacks. As Patrick Rüther puts it, “With around 3.5 million satisfied guests from around the globe, Hausmann’s has proven its mettle as a feel-good spot at a high-traffic location. And we’re far from done.

Hucks Lieblingsplatz

Steeped in family tradition since 1936, Hucks Lieblingsplatz in Frankfurt Airport’s Terminal 1, Area A, Level 2 is more than just a bakery.

Open daily from 06:00 to 20:00, it offers a complete experience that starts with breakfast and spans typical Hessian cuisine, fresh salads, and homemade baked goods.

The bakery stands as a testament to three generations of passion for baking, blending heritage with modern comforts.

With inviting seating areas, it’s an excellent spot for gatherings or a pre-flight cocktail. Whether you’re heading out on vacation or returning, make sure to grab some of Huck’s delectable baked items.

KFC Kentucky Fried Chicken

Crispy, juicy, and a touch of Southern comfort—KFC at Frankfurt Airport delivers its classic chicken bucket experience right in Terminal 1, Area A, Level 0.

Open daily from 11:00 to 19:00, it’s not just about fried chicken; the menu spans an array of options. Choose from grilled chicken dishes, succulent fillet bites made of 100% chicken fillet, and a variety of wraps and burgers.

Don’t overlook their signature sides like corn on the cob, mashed potatoes, fresh salads, and the iconic coleslaw. It’s the fast-food staple you know and love, now conveniently located for travelers.


Embodying its credo “the heart rules,” Lucalino offers a culinary experience that indeed comes from the heart. Nestled in Terminal 1, Area A, Level 2 and open from 08:30 to 20:00 daily, this bistro wakes up early to fill the air with the aroma of freshly ground coffee, housemade croissants, and delectable Italian breakfast pastries.

As the clock ticks towards lunch, the menu expands to feature mouthwatering pizzas and irresistible pasta dishes, all crafted from top-notch ingredients and authentic Italian recipes. Whether you choose to dine in or take away, Lucalino ensures that every bite is a celebration of Italian flair.


Open 24/7 with a brief closure between 01:00 to 03:00 for maintenance, McDonald’s at Frankfurt Airport ensures you’ll never have to fly hungry.

Located in Terminal 1, Area A, Level 0, this isn’t just another fast-food outlet. It’s an experience crafted through a blend of excellent products, swift service, and an appealing design that sets it apart.

If you find yourself in Terminal 2, be sure to grab a window seat for an impressive view of planes landing and taking off, adding a dynamic backdrop to your meal.


Located in Terminal 1, Area A, Level 2, and open from 10:30 to 20:00, MISHBA is an exciting blend of fast-food speed and gourmet quality.

This is the spot for those who appreciate freshly made food but are on a tight schedule. Their offerings include kumpirs (stuffed baked potatoes), freshly rolled burritos, crisp quesadillas, and vibrant salads.

Guests can have the freedom to customize their toppings, or opt for a ready-to-go option. It’s a delectable intersection of convenience and health-conscious dining.

Meyer Deli Coffee Kitchen

If you find yourself in Terminal 1, Area A, Level 2 between 06:00 and 13:00, make sure to drop by Meyer Deli Coffee Kitchen.

This deli stands out for its culinary craftsmanship, featuring home-made sandwiches, paninis, and crunch-filled salads.

To quench your thirst or satisfy your sweet tooth, freshly squeezed juices and assorted desserts are also on the menu. The spot even offers food souvenirs, making it a one-stop shop for travelers looking for quality eats on the go.

Natoo – Healthy All The Way

Situated in Terminal 1, Area A, Level 2 and open from 06:00 to 22:00, Natoo champions the cause of wholesome eating. With its mantra “Healthy all the way,” the eatery serves an exclusive range of vegan and vegetarian options, made from high-quality, locally sourced ingredients.

Customers can customize their meals or opt for ready-made options like the “Mother Earth” or “Namaste Bowl.” For breakfast, choices like “Layovernight Oats” and “Espresso Oats” set the tone for a healthy start.

To keep you hydrated and refreshed, Natoo offers homemade iced teas, healthy berry boosts, and flaxseed shots. The ambiance is rounded out with lifestyle books, making it a sanctuary for the health-conscious traveler.

Perfect Day

Open from 05:00 to 22:00 and located in Terminal 1, Area A, Level 2, Perfect Day brings a unique blend of coffee culture and sustainability.

Not just another coffee shop, Perfect Day prides itself on serving coffee grown on its own farms in southern India. The offering extends to freshly made lemonade and iced tea for those looking for something different.

The food menu is just as curated, featuring an array of snacks, soups, patisserie items, and health foods. And if you’re looking to bring a piece of Perfect Day home, the shop also sells premium coffee beans, grown sustainably in the jungles of southern India.

Puro Gusto

For travelers passing through Terminal 1, Area A, Level 2, Puro Gusto provides a quintessential Italian experience right at Frankfurt Airport. Open from 05:30 to 22:00, the café offers a stunning view of the airfield, making it a picturesque setting for coffee enthusiasts or anyone looking for a quick Italian treat.

Espresso, cappuccino, panini, pasticcini, and antipasti—you name it, they’ve got it. Step into Puro Gusto and be transported to Italy, if only for the time it takes to enjoy a well-brewed cup of coffee.

Pezzo di Pane

Stepping into Pezzo di Pane in Terminal 1, Area A, Level 2 at Frankfurt Airport is like stepping into a slice of 1960s Rimini. Open from 07:00 to 22:00, this vibrant, flamingo-colored eatery combines traditional and modern in its decor and its cuisine.

Authentic Italian dishes are crafted with fresh ingredients and aromatic seasonings, prepared with the kind of passion and devotion that can only evoke fond holiday memories and perhaps inspire your next getaway.

The standout is their pinsa, a twist on the classic pizza featuring an especially flavorful base, thanks to an extra-long dough rising process.

Beyond that, expect freshly made pasta, crisp salads, handpicked fine wines, and an array of coffee specialties. Whether you’re dining in or taking away, Pezzo di Pane serves up an Italian experience that’s a destination in itself.


Located in both Level 1 and Level 2 of Terminal 1, Area A at Frankfurt Airport, QUICKER’s is the ultimate pit stop for those last-minute travel needs. Open seven days a week from 06:00 to 19:00, the store offers a convenient range of products, from quick bites like tasty snacks and healthy salads to beverages like hot coffee and freshly squeezed juices.

But the offerings don’t stop at food and drink; QUICKER’s also has a variety of practical travel accessories on hand, as well as an assortment of sweets and tobacco products. Whether you’re dashing to a flight or just in need of a little sustenance, QUICKER’s has got you covered.


Scoom is the go-to spot for travelers seeking fresh, healthy options at Frankfurt Airport’s Terminal 1, Area A, Level 2. Open from 05:30 to 21:30 daily, the eatery boasts a transparent, glass kitchen where handcrafted dishes are made without additives or preservatives.

With a menu spanning from sandwiches and salads to house-made smoothies, all with a focus on regional and Fairtrade ingredients, Scoom caters to varied dietary needs including vegetarian and vegan options. Special services like gift packing and mobile recharging round out the offerings.


Superfood by NATURAL caters to the health-conscious traveler with a diverse menu of freshly prepared, sustainable specialties.

Located in Terminal 1, Area A, Level 2 at Frankfurt Airport, the eatery offers everything from sandwiches and wraps to sushi, summer rolls, and poke bowls. Open daily from 06:30 to 21:00, Superfood ensures you can fuel up with invigorating smoothies and milkshakes before your next flight.

Thong Thai

Thong Thai, a premium Thai takeaway with multiple locations in the Rhine-Main region, delivers on its promise of high-quality, authentic cuisine.

Free of glutamate but crafted with love and dedication, the menu covers an extensive range of options, including starters, soups, salads, main courses, desserts, and specialties. Conveniently located in Terminal 1, Area A, Level 0 at Frankfurt Airport, Thong Thai welcomes guests every day from 11:00 to 21:00.


Yunà offers a fresh take on modern Asian cuisine, serving international breakfasts along with a broad assortment of Far Eastern dishes, including sushi.

Every dish is meticulously crafted using pure, fresh, and healthy ingredients. Located in Terminal 1, Area A, Level 2 at Frankfurt Airport, the restaurant is open every day from 06:00 to 18:00, providing a gastronomic retreat for travelers.

Hall B Restaurants

Bistrot Frankfurt Airport

Located in Terminal 1, Area B, Level 1 and open daily from 10:00 to 21:00, Bistrot Frankfurt Airport is your go-to for a versatile dining experience.

Serving a medley of Italian and German dishes, the menu boasts a wide range of options from pizza and pasta to Frankfurter Schnitzel and burgers.

Salads and desserts are also on hand to complete your meal. If you’re short on time, the integrated coffee bar is perfect for a quick caffeine fix, and a variety of take-away snacks are available to keep you fueled on the go.

Bistrot Frankfurt Airport

If you find yourself in Terminal 1, Area B, Level 2 between 10:00 and 18:00, Bistrot Frankfurt Airport is a dining destination worth your attention.

The menu is a flavorful mix of Italian and German favorites, offering everything from pizza and pasta to Frankfurter Schnitzel and burgers.

A selection of salads and desserts rounds off the culinary experience. For those in a rush, the integrated coffee bar is ideal for quick breaks, and an assortment of take-away snacks ensures you won’t leave hungry.

Ciao Italia

Ciao Italia serves as a slice of Italy in Frankfurt Airport, offering a varied menu that’s bound to satisfy all cravings. From customizable pizzas to pasta dishes and crisp salads, every meal is an authentic Italian experience.

And what better way to conclude your meal than with genuine Italian ice cream? Situated in Terminal 1, Area B, Level 1, the restaurant is open from 10:00 to 21:00 every day, making it a convenient stop for travelers.


Channeling the essence of a classic New York deli, Deli Bros. melds German and international cuisines into a captivating dining experience.

The establishment doesn’t just stop at an extensive food and drink menu; it also boasts a curated range of delicacies, wines, champagnes, accessories, and books. F

or those looking to share the experience, gift sets can be sent via post upon request. Located in Terminal 1, Area B, Level 2, Deli Bros. is open daily from 06:00 to 22:00, offering travelers a slice of cosmopolitan culinary culture.

Goethe Bar

Paying homage to Frankfurt’s illustrious native, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, the Goethe Bar is a confluence of culture and culinary delight.

The menu is as poetic as its namesake, offering a curated selection of coffee, wine, beer, and champagne. The food choices, both hot and cold, would likely have met with Goethe’s literary approval.

Nestled in Terminal 1, Area B, Level 2, the Goethe Bar operates from 06:00 to 22:00, seven days a week, providing a cultured respite for travelers.

Heberer Traditional Bakery

Steeped in over a century of family tradition, Heberer’s Traditional Bakery in the Airport City Mall is where the craft of baking is revered.

Beyond mere hot and cold snacks, this bakery offers a gastronomic palette ranging from rotating salad bowls to yogurts and rice pudding, each with a variety of toppings.

Complementing the food, the drink selection includes tapped beer, fresh smoothies, and freshly squeezed orange juice. Positioned in Terminal 1, Area B, Level 0, the bakery welcomes travelers from 05:00 to 22:00, seven days a week.


Amps is all about invigorating your journey with its selection of fresh bread rolls, specialty breads, and energizing snacks.

Quality and freshness are at the forefront, beckoning travelers to indulge and relish every bite. Conveniently located in Terminal 1, Area B, Level 1, the store keeps its doors open from 05:00 to 21:00, every day of the week.

Meyer Deli Coffee Kitchen

From delectable paninis and homemade sandwiches to crunchy salads, Meyer Deli Coffee Kitchen serves up a feast of flavors.

That’s not all; freshly squeezed juices and an array of desserts are also on the menu, along with food souvenirs for travelers to take a piece of the experience with them. The eatery is strategically located in Terminal 1, Area B, Level 2, and operates from 06:00 to 21:30, seven days a week.


For those craving Italian flavors, Minibar is your go-to spot at Frankfurt Airport. Offering delicious focaccia, paninis, and a selection of cold meats, it’s a haven for foodies in transit.

Conveniently located in Terminal 1, Area B, Level 2, Minibar serves its scrumptious offerings from 06:00 to 22:00, seven days a week.

Natoo – Healthy all the way

Step into Natoo for a health-focused culinary experience before your flight. Situated in Terminal 1, Area B, Level 2, this dining spot features a range of vegan and vegetarian offerings, using high-quality ingredients sourced locally.

From intriguingly named bowls like “Mother Earth” and “Namaste Bowl” to breakfast options such as “Layovernight Oats” and “Espresso Oats,” the choices are endless.

Pair these with vegan yogurts, homemade iced teas, and power-packed berry boosts or flaxseed shots. Open every day from 06:00 to 22:00, Natoo complements its food with a selection of lifestyle books, encapsulating an atmosphere that’s as warm as it is unique.

Puro Gusto

Jet off to Italy without leaving Frankfurt Airport at Puro Gusto, located in Terminal 1, Area B, Level 3. A window to Italian coffee culture, Puro Gusto serves everything from rich espressos and creamy cappuccinos to satisfying paninis and delicate pasticcini.

The experience is heightened with an airfield view, making it a go-to spot for both the coffee connoisseur and the traveler looking to catch one last glimpse of the tarmac. Open every day from 05:30 to 22:00, it’s a taste of La Dolce Vita right before your flight.


Conveniently located in Terminal 1, Area B, Level 2, QUICKER’s is your one-stop-shop for all pre-flight essentials. This isn’t just another airport kiosk; it’s an oasis of convenience offering everything from freshly baked bread rolls to satisfying salads and a myriad of snack options.

In need of a caffeine kick? Choose from an array of coffee specialties. And if you’ve left any travel essentials behind, QUICKER’s has got you covered, offering a range of gadgets and even toothbrushes.

It’s a practical haven for travelers, open from 05:00 to 22:00 daily, making last-minute shopping not just possible, but also enjoyable.


Located in Terminal 1, Area B, Level 2, Starbucks is more than just a pit stop for a cup of joe. Open daily from 06:00 to 21:30, the iconic coffee house has established itself as a global meeting point.

The menu is filled with an array of coffee varieties and both sweet and savory treats, designed to provide that much-needed moment of relaxation before or after a long journey.

For those with specific dietary needs, the Departure Hall C location now offers frappuccinos with soy or lactose-free milk.

As for perks, you can get a second cup of coffee for just €0.50 on the same day upon presentation of your receipt—a neat feature that keeps both you and your wallet happy. Whether you’re grabbing something to go or settling in for a brief respite, Starbucks creates an atmosphere that’s hard to resist.

Wiener Feinbäckerei

Located in Terminal 1, Area B, Level 0, Wiener Feinbäckerei is a sanctuary for bread enthusiasts. With a storied tradition and a fervor for quality, this bakery beckons you in with the irresistible aroma of freshly baked bread and hot coffee specialties.

Open every day from 05:00 to 22:00, the menu expands beyond bread to include savory topped rolls and delectable cakes. Whether you’re in a rush or have time to indulge, Wiener Feinbäckerei serves up options to fit any schedule.

It’s the sort of place that not only feeds you but also revives the art of baking, making it a must-visit for anyone passing through.

Hall C Restaurants


Conveniently located in Terminal 1, Area C, Level 1, Backwerk operates from 06:00 to 21:00 daily, offering a self-service array of oven-fresh baked goods, hot and cold snacks, salads, and desserts.

Whether you’re in the mood for a hot beverage or something non-alcoholic, Backwerk has got you covered. The outlet also features vegetarian and vegan options, giving travelers a broad range of choices.

All items are available for dine-in or takeaway, making it an ideal spot for a quick refuel at Frankfurt Airport.

Coffee Fellows

Open every day from 06:00 to 14:00, Coffee Fellows boasts locations in Terminal 1, Area Z, Level 3 and Terminal 1, Area C, Level 2.

Known for its modern design and a stunning view of the airfield, the café offers an array of coffee specialties and fresh draft beer. The menu also features fresh bagels, making it a hit among both national and international guests.


Situated in Terminal 1, Area C, Level 2, MONDO Bar delivers an authentic Italian experience right in the heart of the airport.

Operating from 07:00 to 22:00 daily, the café boasts a stylish atmosphere reminiscent of an Italian coffee bar, making it a prime spot for a much-needed break.

Whether you crave a meticulously crafted espresso or irresistible dolci that promise to melt in your mouth, MONDO has got you covered. It’s the perfect Italian escape without leaving the terminal.


Located in Terminal 1, Area C, Level 2, Starbucks serves as a global meeting point for travelers. Open every day from 05:30 to 21:00, the iconic coffee chain offers a moment of relaxation before or after a long journey.

With a comprehensive range of coffee options and an array of both sweet and savory treats, Starbucks creates an inviting atmosphere for all.

For those with dietary preferences, lactose-free and soya milk options are now available. Another perk? The refill coffee deal.

Present a receipt from the same day and get your second cup for just €0.50. It’s an oasis for coffee lovers, whether you’re staying awhile or grabbing something for the road.


Situated in Terminal 1, Area C, Level 0, tegut… QUARTIER is the go-to spot for fresh and trendy meals. Open daily from 06:00 to 22:00, it offers a wide array of choices tailored for various needs—whether you’re about to embark on a flight or simply seeking a quick and balanced break.

The selection includes sandwiches, sliced fruits, vegetable snacks with dips, snack trays, and freshly prepared juices and smoothies.

Additionally, it serves fresh paninis, complete salad bowls, and sushi. The special highlight? A daily-changing menu of hot and cold lunch dishes. Whether you prefer something ready-to-eat, require a quick prep, or desire hot or cold options, tegut… QUARTIER serves as a valuable break and an energy booster in your busy routine.

Hall Z Restaurants

Anton & Anni

Nestled in Frankfurt Airport’s Terminal 1, Area Z, Anton & Anni offers a Bavarian sanctuary from 06:00 to 13:30 daily. The space transports you to a cozy beer garden, complete with warm wood furnishings and festive blue-and-white decor.

With a menu featuring German classics like Bavarian white sausage and Leberkäse, along with a variety of beers, it’s a one-stop destination for authentic Bavarian hospitality amidst the airport hustle.

Brezel Lovers Mobil

Nestled in Terminal 1, Area Z, Level 3, Brezel Lovers Mobil is the haven for all things pretzel. Open from 06:00 to 14:00, seven days a week, the eatery offers a broad selection of giant soft pretzels.

Flavors range from sweet and spicy to vegetarian and vegan options. But the menu doesn’t stop at traditional pretzels.

Adventurous foodies will be delighted to find unique items like pretzel salad and scrumptious pretzel snacks. To wash it all down, an array of coffee specialties and non-alcoholic beverages are available.

Coffee Fellows

Located in Terminal 1, Area Z, Level 3, Coffee Fellows opens its doors from 06:00 to 14:00, every day of the week. The café brings a refreshing vibe with its new design, and offers a delightful assortment of bagels.

Complementing the food, a variety of coffee specialties is available. But the offerings don’t stop at caffeine; Coffee Fellows also serves fresh draft beer.

What sets this café apart is its marvelous view of the airfield, bound to be a hit with both national and international travelers.

Hermann’s Mobil

Sausage aficionados, listen up! Located in Terminal 1, Area Z, Level 3, between gates Z16 and Z17, Hermann’s Mobil is your go-to destination for a sausage fix.

Whether it’s a classic German bockwurst, a tangy currywurst, or a straightforward Frankfurter you’re after, Hermann’s has got you covered.

Operating hours? You’ll be pleased to know that Hermann’s Mobil is open around the clock from Friday to Sunday, making it an ultra-convenient pit stop for travelers craving that perfect bite of sausage.

Heberer’s Traditional Bakery

Nestled in Terminal 1, Area Z, Level 3, Heberer’s Traditional Bakery is not just another bakery; it’s a 100-year legacy of crafting baked goods to perfection.

From truffle salami tucked into fresh ciabatta to scrumptious fougasse with oil seeds, and not to forget the traditional poppy-seed cake, this bakery is all about attention to detail.

Complement your baked selections with their long-roasted gourmet coffee, made exclusively from 100% Arabica beans, or opt for tea and hot chocolate. Open from 5 AM to 10 PM daily, Heberer’s stands as a tribute to the timeless craft of baking.

Lucullus Nero

Positioned in Terminal 1, Area Z, Level 3, Lucullus Nero is a slice of Italy right in the heart of the airport. With a robust menu offering traditional Italian cuisine, this restaurant invites travelers to a culinary journey without leaving the terminal.

Whether you opt to dine in the inviting à la carte area featuring a show kitchen or grab something to take away, the experience is as vibrant and diverse as Italy itself.

Open every day from 6 AM to 10 PM, Lucullus Nero is a testament to the innovative, delicious, and lively essence of Italian dining.


Located in Terminal 1, Area Z, Level 3, McDonald’s offers a familiar and fast dining experience for travelers. Whether you’re craving a Big Mac or a set of McNuggets, this global fast-food giant has got you covered.

Operating from 7 AM to 2 PM every day, it delivers on its promise of quick service, quality products, and a comfortable setting.

Adding to the appeal is the vantage point it provides; situated in Terminal 2, the restaurant boasts a panoramic view of planes landing and taking off, turning a quick meal into an entertaining experience.

Terminal 2 Restaurants

Terminal 2 at Frankfurt Airport offers a selection of dining experiences in Halls D and E. Whether you’re in a rush or have time to indulge, these eateries provide an array of options to satisfy any palate.

Here’s your guide to making the most out of your mealtime while waiting for your next flight.

Hall D Restaurants

Burger King

Stationed in Terminal 2, Area D, Level 3, Burger King is the go-to spot for travelers in search of flame-grilled burgers and fast-food classics.

Open every day from 11 AM to 5 PM, the restaurant delivers on its promise of quality and value. Whether you’re in the mood for a Whopper or looking to grab a salad on the go, the offerings are sure to satiate your cravings without breaking the bank.

Known for its quick service and consistent quality, Burger King stands as a reliable dining option for passengers passing through.

Food Society

Located in Terminal 2, Area D, Level 3, Food Society is a gastronomic haven for travelers. Open every day from 5 AM to 8 PM, the establishment offers a smorgasbord of dining options that cater to a wide range of culinary tastes.

Whether you’re a fan of grilled dishes, Italian cuisine, or local German favorites, Food Society has you covered. From rump steaks and burgers to handmade pasta and Berlin-style currywurst, the menu leaves no stone unturned.


Situated in Terminal 2, Area D, Level 2, Kamps offers travelers an enticing assortment of bread rolls, specialty breads, and snacks.

Open from 4:30 AM to 8 PM every day, Kamps is the go-to place for those in need of a quick pick-me-up or an energizing snack.

With a focus on quality and freshness, each offering is designed to tempt the senses and provide sustenance for the journey ahead. The operating hours are adjusted according to the current flight schedules, ensuring that Kamps remains a reliable stop for fresh, delicious fare.


Located in Terminal 2, Area D, Level 4, Ludwigs brings to the table a rich menu of authentic German cuisine, infused with a modern flair.

Operating from 7 AM to 7 PM every day, the venue offers both seasonal specialties and timeless classics deeply rooted in German culinary tradition.

Whether you’re in the mood for a hearty meal before your flight or just seeking a taste of Germany, Ludwigs delivers an experience that is both comforting and unforgettable.


Situated in Terminal 2, Area D, Level 4 at Frankfurt Airport, McDonald’s elevates the quick-service restaurant game with an amalgamation of excellent products, rapid service, and an inviting interior.

The location also offers travelers the added treat of watching planes land and take off, all while enjoying their meal.

The establishment remains open from 2 AM to 10 PM every day, ensuring that whether you’re an early bird or a night owl, a quality meal is just an order away.


Stationed in Terminal 2, Area D, Level 2, MONDO Restaurant takes you on a culinary journey straight to Italy without ever leaving Frankfurt Airport.

The restaurant boasts an elegant atmosphere complete with original terrazzo floors and a stucco ceiling. Whether you’re in the mood for bona fide Italian cuisine, an array of sumptuous coffee options, or a refreshing non-alcoholic beverage, MONDO has something to satiate every palate.

Operating from 3 AM to 8 PM every day, it offers a refuge for travelers at nearly all hours.


Situated in Terminal 2, Area D, Level 2, QUICKER’s is a one-stop haven for travelers. From oven-fresh bread rolls and pastries to an array of sandwiches and healthy salads, this spot offers a diverse menu.

Thirsty? Choose from a wide range of coffee specialties or opt for freshly squeezed juice. Beyond food and drink, QUICKER’s even stocks travel gadgets and essentials like toothbrushes.

For those interested, tobacco products are also available. Serving passengers from 5:15 AM to 9:30 PM daily, QUICKER’s ensures you’re well-equipped for your journey.


VITO, located in Terminal 2, Area D, Level 4, isn’t just another airport dining option—it’s an experience. Committed to high-quality food, the restaurant handpicks premium olive oil, salt, and fresh garlic, among other ingredients, to elevate each dish.

Open daily from 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM, VITO offers a comfortable ambiance that effortlessly puts travelers in the vacation mood.

From freshly made pizza to pasta, expect a delightful mix of modern creativity and time-honored Mediterranean traditions, all served at fair prices by attentive staff. It’s an appealing proposition for anyone who values a quality meal before a flight.

Hall E Restaurants


Situated in Terminal 2, Area E, Level 2, Kamps serves as an oasis for travelers looking to re-energize. Open every day from 5:00 AM to 8:00 PM, its operational hours may change according to the flight schedule.

Here, it’s all about freshness and quality. Whether you’re picking up a freshly baked bread roll, specialty breads, or other snacks, you’re in for a treat that will revive your spirits.

Kamps specializes in offering high-quality options that entice you to indulge and relish every bite. It’s a go-to for those seeking a tasty, quality snack before their next flight.


If you’re craving a taste of Japan while waiting for your flight, MoschMosch has you covered. Located in Terminal 2, Area E, Level 3, this Japanese noodle bar operates every day from 7:00 AM to 9:00 PM. Specializing in healthy ingredients, MoschMosch offers a menu rich in Asian culinary traditions.

Choose from an array of Asian wheat noodles, delectable ramen, scrumptious green curry, comforting Japanese rice stew, and refreshing Thai salads.

It’s a sanctuary for health-conscious travelers or anyone who’s a fan of authentic Japanese flavors. With MoschMosch, you’ll find that delicious and nutritious can indeed go hand-in-hand.


Starbucks in Terminal 2, Area E, Level 3, serves as a global junction for travelers. Open daily from 6:00 AM to 9:00 PM, the café offers a comprehensive menu of coffee varieties and treats to satisfy both your sweet and savory cravings.

Whether you’re on a tight schedule or have time to spare, Starbucks provides options for everyone: enjoy your order in a welcoming environment or grab it to go.

New features include the availability of soya or lactose-free milk for your frappuccino at the Departure Hall C location.

Plus, there’s a special offer that you won’t want to miss: present your receipt for a second cup of coffee on the same day and pay just €0.50. It’s Starbucks’ way of keeping you energized for your journey ahead.


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