Traveling often means adapting to less-than-ideal circumstances, especially when it comes to long layovers or delays.

On a recent trip that had me passing through John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK) in New York, the question of whether JFK offers shower facilities to travelers arose.

Given the airport’s status as a major international hub, the availability of such amenities seemed plausible.

My curiosity led me to investigate this matter firsthand, aiming to provide fellow travelers with accurate and useful insights.

The Search for Showers at JFK

My initial assumption was that JFK, catering to millions of international passengers each year, would likely offer shower facilities within its terminals.

However, a thorough investigation and inquiries with airport staff revealed that JFK does not provide public shower facilities directly.

Alternative Solutions: No Showers, No Problem

While JFK itself may lack public shower amenities, this doesn’t mean travelers are left without options. Here’s how I navigated the situation and what I learned about staying fresh during a layover at JFK:

Minute Suites: A Game-Changer for Showers at JFK

A standout discovery in my quest for shower options was Minute Suites, located in Terminal 4.

Unlike traditional airport lounges or external hotels, Minute Suites offers private rooms that include a shower, making it a convenient option for travelers in need of a quick refresh.

shower at minute suit

Each suite serves as a private retreat, where travelers can also rest or work in comfort. This option proved particularly valuable, combining the privacy and functionality needed for a restorative break during travel.

Airline Lounges with Shower Facilities

Some airline lounges at JFK offer shower facilities, but access is typically restricted to business or first-class passengers, or those with certain loyalty program statuses.


During my exploration, I found that lounges such as the American Airlines Admirals Club in Terminal 8 and the Lufthansa Lounge in Terminal 1 are examples where showers are available to eligible passengers.

Purchasing a day pass for lounge access is another potential option, depending on the airline’s policy and availability.

Nearby Hotel Options

For travelers not eligible for lounge access or those seeking more private amenities, several hotels in close proximity to JFK offer day rooms or gym facilities that include showers.

I considered booking a short stay at one of these nearby hotels, which can be a convenient way to refresh and relax before continuing on a journey.


Hotels like the TWA Hotel located within JFK’s premises and others just a short shuttle ride away provide flexible booking options for day use.

Planning Ahead: Tips for Freshening Up at JFK

Based on my experience, here are some strategies for staying fresh during your time at JFK, even without direct access to shower facilities:

  • Research Lounge Access: Before your trip, check if your ticket class or frequent flyer status grants you access to airline lounges with showers. Also, explore day pass options.
  • Consider Nearby Hotels: Look into nearby hotels that offer day room bookings or access to their gym and spa facilities, including showers.
  • Pack Freshening Up Essentials: Carry a small bag with travel-sized toiletries, wet wipes, deodorant, and a change of clothes. Airport restrooms can be used for a quick freshen-up.
  • Stay Hydrated and Rested: Drinking plenty of water and finding a quiet spot to rest can also help you feel refreshed.


While JFK Airport may not offer the convenience of public shower facilities, my investigation showed that there are viable alternatives for travelers looking to freshen up.

Whether through airline lounges or nearby hotels, and notably, the Minute Suites in Terminal 4, it’s possible to find a place to shower and relax during a layover at JFK.

The key is to plan ahead and consider what options best fit your travel itinerary and budget. My journey through JFK, while initially disappointing due to the lack of showers, ultimately led me to creative solutions, ensuring a more comfortable and enjoyable travel experience.

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