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During a recent trip through Dallas Fort Worth International Airport (DFW) with a friend who smokes, I found myself curious about the airport’s accommodations for smokers.

As someone who doesn’t smoke, I hadn’t previously paid attention to such facilities, but the needs of my traveling companion brought this aspect of airport amenities into focus.

This guide reflects our experience, aiming to inform travelers, particularly those who smoke or are accompanying smokers, about the smoking areas available at DFW.

Smoking Policies at DFW

Upon arrival, it was clear that DFW, like many major airports, adheres to strict no-smoking policies inside the terminals to ensure a comfortable and healthy environment for all travelers.

Smoking is prohibited in all enclosed areas of the airport, including the terminals, in line with city ordinances and health recommendations.

Smoking Areas at DFW

smoking at  DFW

Despite the indoor smoking ban, DFW recognizes the needs of smoking passengers and provides designated smoking areas located outside the terminals.

During my exploration, I found that these areas are strategically placed at both arrivals and departures levels, ensuring accessibility for travelers both before check-in and after landing.

Location of Smoking Areas

The smoking areas are clearly marked and can be found near most terminal exits. On the departures level, these areas are typically located just outside the terminal doors, while on the arrivals level, you might need to walk a bit further from the main exit doors to find the designated smoking zone.

Each smoking area is equipped with ashtrays, and some have partial coverings to provide shelter from the weather.

My Experience Finding and Using the Smoking Areas

Locating the smoking area in the terminal from which I departed was straightforward, thanks to clear signage and helpful information from airport staff.

The designated smoking area was just a short walk outside the terminal entrance, clearly marked with signs indicating that smoking was allowed in this specific zone.

The smoking area itself was basic but functional. It offered no seating, but it was clean and had sufficient ashtrays.

While it was exposed to the elements, the proximity to the terminal meant I didn’t have to stray far, making it a convenient option for a quick smoke before my flight.

Tips for Smokers Traveling Through DFW

Based on my visit, here are some tips for smokers planning to travel through Dallas Fort Worth International Airport:

  1. Plan Ahead: Knowing that indoor smoking is not permitted, allocate extra time before your flight or during layovers to visit the designated smoking areas outside the terminals.
  2. Exit and Re-entry: Remember, if you’re going to smoke after passing through security, you’ll need to go through the TSA checkpoint again upon re-entry. Ensure you have enough time to accommodate this.
  3. Weather Preparedness: The smoking areas are outdoors, so be prepared for the weather conditions of the day, whether that means sunscreen and hats for sunny days or coats for colder weather.
  4. Dispose Properly: Use the provided ashtrays to dispose of cigarettes. Keeping the airport clean is a collective responsibility.


Dallas Fort Worth International Airport offers designated smoking areas outside the terminals to accommodate smokers while maintaining a smoke-free environment inside.

While the facilities are basic, they fulfill the need for travelers who smoke, ensuring that all passengers can enjoy a comfortable stay at the airport.

Planning and a bit of extra time are key to a stress-free experience for smokers navigating DFW. My journey through the airport was made easier by the clear signage and the availability of these designated areas, allowing for a pleasant and uninterrupted travel experience.

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