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By Stacy Rumbaugh

During my recent layover at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport (ATL), a question that frequently surfaced among fellow travelers and myself was the availability of shower facilities—a much-desired amenity for those looking to freshen up after a long flight or while waiting for a connecting flight.

In this review, I’ll share my findings and experiences regarding shower facilities at ATL, aiming to offer clarity and assistance to future travelers navigating this bustling hub.

The Quest for Showers at ATL

Recognized as one of the busiest airports globally, ATL serves as a crucial node for international and domestic travelers alike.

Given its significant passenger volume, the demand for amenities such as showers is understandably high. Here’s what I discovered about shower availability within the airport.

Main Terminal and Concourses: A General Overview

Initially, my search began in the main terminal and extended across various concourses. ATL is vast, with multiple concourses stretching from T to F, each hosting a plethora of gates, eateries, and lounges.

Despite the extensive facilities, my initial inquiry revealed that standalone public shower facilities are not directly available within the terminal or concourse areas for general passenger use.

Airline Lounges: The Exception

The silver lining in my quest for showers at ATL came in the form of airline lounges. Several premium lounges within the airport offer shower facilities, but access to these lounges is typically restricted based on travel class, membership status, or through a day-pass purchase where available.

Delta Sky Club

Delta Sky Club
By 22 bella
  • Location & Access: Delta, with its hub at ATL, offers multiple Sky Club lounges throughout the airport. Notably, the Sky Club in Concourse F — serving international flights — includes shower facilities. Access to the Sky Club is available to those flying in Delta One or by virtue of certain elite statuses and memberships.
  • Experience: I gained access through my travel class on an international Delta flight. The shower rooms were well-maintained, offering a private space to rejuvenate. Towels and basic toiletries were provided, making for a comfortable and refreshing experience.

Minute Suites

  • Location & Offering: While not a traditional lounge, Minute Suites, located in Concourse B, offers private rooms that can be rented hourly. Though primarily intended for rest, some suites are equipped with showers.
  • Booking & Cost: Access to these suites, including those with shower facilities, comes at a premium, with rates starting around $42 for the first hour. Despite the cost, the privacy and convenience offered a valuable respite during my layover.

Tips for Accessing Shower Facilities at ATL

Based on my experience, here are a few tips for travelers seeking shower facilities at ATL:

  1. Plan Ahead: If access to a shower is crucial for your layover experience, consider booking with airlines that provide lounge access or ensure your loyalty program status grants you entry to lounges with shower facilities.
  2. Research Lounge Access Options: Some credit cards and travel memberships offer complimentary or discounted access to airport lounges, including those with showers. Check your benefits before your trip.
  3. Consider Minute Suites: For a guaranteed private shower (and a place to rest), booking a Minute Suite can be a worthwhile investment, especially during longer layovers.
  4. Pack Essentials: While lounges and suites typically provide basic toiletries, carrying your own travel-sized essentials can enhance your shower experience.


While Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport does not offer standalone public shower facilities, travelers can find showers within certain airline lounges and Minute Suites in Concourse B.

Access to these amenities often requires eligibility through travel class, airline status, or through paid access, which may limit availability for all passengers.

My experience with the Delta Sky Club’s shower facilities positively impacted my layover, offering a refreshing break amidst a hectic travel schedule.

For future travelers through ATL, understanding the access requirements and planning accordingly can significantly influence your layover experience, turning a lengthy wait into an opportunity for rejuvenation.

Despite the limitations, ATL’s lounge options provide a welcomed, albeit exclusive, solution for those in need of a shower during their travels.

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