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Navigating Copenhagen Airport‘s various transportation options can be overwhelming. This guide provides straightforward information on everything from car rentals and city cars to taxis, buses, and trains.

Cut through the noise and find the most efficient way to start your journey, whether you’re a local or a first-time visitor.

Car Sharing at Copenhagen Airport

Car sharing is a convenient option for getting to and from Copenhagen Airport. With just a few taps on your smartphone, you can unlock a city car for your ride.

The airport has partnerships with SHARE NOW and GreenMobility, two leading car-sharing services, making it easy for you to pick up or drop off a vehicle.

How to Use Car Sharing Services

Step 1: Sign Up

  1. Download the App: Choose either the SHARE NOW or GreenMobility app from your app store.
  2. Register: Follow the in-app instructions to complete your registration.

Step 2: Find and Book a Car

  1. Search: Use the app to locate available cars within the designated operation zone in Copenhagen.
  2. Check Battery: Confirm that the car’s battery level is sufficient for your journey.
  3. Reserve: Tap to book your chosen vehicle.

Dropping Off the Car at the Airport

Location: Parking Facility P7

  • Spaces: 24 spots are reserved for SHARE NOW, and 20 for GreenMobility.
  • Proximity: P7 is just a three-minute walk from Terminal 3.
  • Charging: Selected spaces feature charging stations, so you can charge the vehicle for the next user.

Picking Up a Car from the Airport

Location: Again, Parking Facility P7

  1. Choose a Car: Browse available cars in P7 via the app.
  2. Unlock: Use the app to unlock your selected car.
  3. Drive: You’re good to go!

Ending Your Trip

  • Park: Simply park the car on the street within the operation zone indicated in the app.


  • Pay-Per-Minute: The cost of renting a city car is billed per minute of usage.
  • Inclusions: The rate covers electricity, petrol, insurance, and parking within the operation zone.

For more detailed information on pricing, consult the SHARE NOW or GreenMobility app.

Taxi Services at Copenhagen Airport

For many travelers, taxis provide the most straightforward way to leave or arrive at Copenhagen Airport. Here’s everything you need to know about the taxi services available.

Drop-Off and Pick-Up Points

Drop-Off Locations:

  • Terminal 2: Right outside the terminal building.
  • Terminal 3: Directly adjacent to the terminal.

Pick-Up Location:

  • Terminal 3: A designated taxi rank is conveniently located right outside the terminal.

Taxi Rates

  • Payment: Most taxis accept credit cards, so you won’t have to worry about carrying cash.
  • Tip Included: The rate quoted already includes a gratuity.
  • Additional Fees: Be aware that some taxi companies might charge an extra fee for rides originating from Copenhagen Airport.

Taxi to Sweden

  • Designated Rank: A specific taxi rank for rides to Sweden is located right outside Terminal 3.
  • Cross-Border Rides: Danish taxis are also available for fares to Sweden, offering a seamless transition between the two countries.

With these straightforward instructions, hopping into a taxi at Copenhagen Airport is quick and hassle-free, making it an excellent option for both local and cross-border travel.

Metro at Copenhagen Airport

Getting to and from Copenhagen Airport has never been easier, thanks to the Metro. The service is frequent, reliable, and located right at the heart of the airport. Here’s your quick guide to navigating it like a pro.

Metro Station Location

  • Direct Access: The Metro station is a seamless extension of Terminal 3.
  • Timings: Trains run every 4–6 minutes during the day and evening, scaling down to 15–20-minute intervals at night.
  • Journey Time: A mere 15 minutes is all it takes to go from Nørreport Station to the airport.

Ticket Purchase

  • Where to Buy: You can buy Metro tickets at the station itself or at DSB’s ticket office located in Terminal 3.
  • Payment: The ticket machines accept coins and major credit cards but not notes.

For more details, you can visit the Metro’s official website:

Fast-Track to Security

  • Footbridge: If you’re traveling light, with just hand luggage, you can head straight from the Metro to the security checkpoint, Terminal 2, and SAS Fast Track via a 100-meter-long footbridge.

Airport Self-Service at Metro Station

  • Check-In Machines: Located at the Metro station, right at the end of Terminal 3, are two self-service machines where you can print boarding passes and luggage labels.
  • Airline Compatibility: All major airlines are accessible through these machines, making it easier for you to get set for your flight.

Whether you’re a local or a tourist, using the Metro is a stress-free way to travel to or from Copenhagen Airport.

Bus Options at Copenhagen Airport

If you’re looking for an alternative to the Metro or taxis, buses offer another efficient way to get to and from Copenhagen Airport. Whether you’re heading to the city center or other parts of Denmark and Sweden, there’s likely a bus that fits your needs.

Local Buses to City Centre

  • Search Your Route: For routes within the city, you can find your exact journey on

Long-Distance Buses

Charter Buses

  • Terminal 2: Only for passenger drop-off.
  • Terminal 3: Both passenger pick-up and drop-off. One hour’s free parking is available.

Note: Follow the airport staff’s instructions when in the area.

Terminal Bus

  • Route: The terminal bus operates from the Car Rental Centre to Terminals 2 and 3 before continuing on to the car parks P15, P17, and P19.

Taking the bus is a convenient option for passengers with various needs, whether you’re going to the city center or farther afield.

Train Services

Trains serve as another excellent transportation option at Copenhagen Airport, connecting you not only to the Danish capital but also to various locations in Sweden. The train station is conveniently situated in Terminal 3, offering easy access for travelers.

Finding Your Train

  • Plan Your Route: To pinpoint your exact train journey and timetables, head to

Purchasing Tickets

  • Ticket Office: You can purchase both train and metro tickets at the DSB ticket office located in Terminal 3.
  • Ticket Machines: Alternatively, designated ticket machines are available for purchasing various types of tickets for the metropolitan area.

⚠️ Important Note: You cannot purchase tickets on the train, and failure to board with a valid ticket could result in a fine.

Taking the train provides you with a quick and efficient mode of transportation, whether you’re staying in Copenhagen or planning to explore beyond.

Terminal Buses

Whether you’re departing or arriving, terminal buses at Copenhagen Airport offer convenient transportation between key locations, including terminals, train and metro stations, and parking facilities.


  • Route: Terminal buses initiate their route at parking garage P1, making stops at Terminal 2 and 3, proceeding to the train and metro stations at Terminal 3, and then moving on to parking facilities P15, P17, and P19 on Kystvejen. The bus then retraces its steps.


  • Where to Catch the Bus: If you’ve just landed and need to catch a terminal bus, make your way to Terminal 3. The pick-up point is at Ellehammersvej, located on the left side of the metro station.
  • Route: From here, the terminal bus will take you to the parking facilities on Kystvejen, including P15, P17, and P19, before heading back.

🔍 Need Help? If you’re unsure about which direction to take, don’t hesitate to ask the bus drivers for assistance. They’re well-informed and can guide you effectively.

The terminal buses serve as a handy resource for navigating Copenhagen Airport’s comprehensive facilities. Whether you’re looking to get to your flight or to your car, they’ve got you covered.

Car Rentals

Navigating Copenhagen and its surrounding areas is made easy with a multitude of car rental options. The Car Rental Center is your one-stop shop for all car rental needs, conveniently accessible via the Inter-terminal bus.

Operating Hours

  • Open Daily: 7:00 AM – 11:00 PM

Car Rental Agencies

Six well-known agencies operate within the Car Rental Center, offering a range of vehicles to suit various travel needs:

  • Avis
  • Budget
  • Enterprise
  • Europcar
  • Hertz
  • Sixt

With extended daily hours and an array of rental companies to choose from, the Car Rental Center makes it straightforward to secure a vehicle that aligns with your travel plans.

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