Boston Logan Airport
By Tom Richardson

Navigating Boston Logan International Airport (BOS) can be an adventure in itself, given its status as a major hub serving the New England region.

On a recent trip through Logan, I found myself with a question that seems pertinent to many travelers: Is it possible to walk between terminals at the airport?

With this guide, I aim to share my firsthand experience of moving between the terminals on foot, offering practical insights for those looking to do the same.

The Layout of Logan Airport

can you walk between terminals at boston logan airport?

Boston Logan International Airport comprises four main terminals: A, B, C, and E. Each terminal serves different airlines and destinations, making inter-terminal navigation a common requirement for passengers with connecting flights or those meeting arriving passengers.

Walking Between Terminals

can you walk between terminals at boston logan airport?

The Possibility

Yes, you can walk between some terminals at Boston Logan Airport, but the feasibility and convenience of doing so vary depending on which terminals you’re navigating between.

During my visit, I discovered that pedestrian walkways connect Terminals A, B, and E directly, while Terminal C is slightly more isolated due to its position and infrastructure layout.

Terminal A to Terminal B

The walk between Terminals A and B is relatively straightforward, facilitated by marked pedestrian paths. The distance isn’t considerable, and the walk took me around 10 minutes at a leisurely pace.

Clear signage along the way made navigation simple, ensuring I remained on the correct path.

Terminal B to Terminal C

While Terminal B and Terminal C are geographically close, there’s no direct indoor walkway connecting them. However, you can walk outdoors along the airport roadways, where sidewalks are available.

This route is less convenient, especially in bad weather, and took me around 15 minutes. I’d recommend this only for travelers comfortable navigating traffic crossings and willing to walk outside.

Terminal C to Terminal E

Connecting Terminal C to Terminal E directly on foot is not immediately straightforward due to the layout and airport operations.

However, there is a walkway from Terminal E that connects to Terminal C, which I used. The walk was about 15-20 minutes and required following the signage towards Terminal E. This route is indoors and climate-controlled, making it a viable option regardless of weather conditions.

Terminal E to Terminal A

Walking from Terminal E to Terminal A, or vice versa, is quite feasible thanks to the direct indoor walkways. The journey offers glimpses of the airfield and Boston’s skyline, making it an enjoyable walk. Depending on your pace, this walk can take between 15 to 20 minutes.

Considerations for Walking Between Terminals

can you walk between terminals at boston logan airport?
  • Time: Always allow more time than you think you’ll need, especially if you’re catching a connecting flight. Walking between terminals can take longer with luggage or in crowded conditions.
  • Weather: While most routes are indoors, the outdoor walk between Terminals B and C can be less appealing in poor weather. Dress accordingly.
  • Signage: Pay close attention to airport signage. Logan’s signs are designed to guide you through your terminal transfer efficiently.
  • Physical Ability: Consider your physical ability or that of your traveling companions. While walking can be a pleasant way to stretch your legs between flights, it might not be suitable for everyone.

Alternative Options

For those who prefer not to walk or when the terminals you’re navigating between aren’t conveniently connected by foot, Logan Airport offers courtesy shuttle buses.

These buses provide a loop service connecting all terminals, parking lots, the airport MBTA station, and the Rental Car Center. The shuttle buses are frequent, free, and a great alternative, especially for those with heavy luggage or when traveling in inclement weather.


Walking between terminals at Boston Logan International Airport is entirely possible and can be a straightforward process, depending on the specific terminals you’re navigating.

My experience found that while it’s feasible to walk between certain terminals directly, other routes might require outdoor walking or utilizing the airport’s shuttle service for convenience.

Whether you choose to walk or take a shuttle, planning ahead and allowing ample time for terminal transfer is key to a stress-free journey at Logan Airport.

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