can you uber from chicago o'hare airport?

Embarking on a trip from Chicago O’Hare International Airport (ORD) recently, I found myself facing the common dilemma of selecting the best mode of transportation to reach my destination within the city.

Opting for convenience and efficiency, I decided to use Uber, a popular choice among travelers for its ease of use and reliability.

This guide, grounded in my personal experience, aims to navigate fellow travelers through the process of catching an Uber from ORD to anywhere in Chicago or beyond.

Confirming Uber’s Operation at ORD

Before my flight, I sought to confirm that Uber services were indeed available directly from O’Hare.

A quick check on the Uber app and ORD’s official website verified that Uber, along with other rideshare services, operates at the airport, providing passengers with a seamless option for leaving the airport upon arrival.

Locating the Rideshare Pickup Zones

can you uber from chicago o'hare airport?

Upon landing and collecting my luggage, the next step was to locate the designated rideshare pickup zones.

O’Hare International Airport has specific areas allocated for rideshare services, ensuring a well-organized and smooth pickup process. These zones are distinctly marked and located across different terminals:

  • Terminal 2: The designated pickup is on the upper level, at the Departures area.
  • Terminal 5: Pickup locations are situated at the Lower Level Roadway, designated by the signage for Rideshare/Prearranged Services.

Signs within the airport and instructions provided via the Uber app directed me toward the nearest rideshare pickup zone from my terminal.

The airport’s effective signage and the app’s guidance made it relatively straightforward to navigate to the correct spot.

Requesting Your Uber

To request an Uber, I followed these steps, which can be useful for any traveler:

  1. Open the Uber App: Once I was ready and near the pickup zone, I opened the Uber app on my smartphone to request a ride. The app automatically detected my location as Chicago O’Hare International Airport.
  2. Choose Your Ride Option: Uber offers various service levels, from economical shared rides to more luxurious private options. I selected the option that best suited my needs and budget.
  3. Confirm Pickup Location: The app requested confirmation of my exact pickup location. It’s crucial to select the designated rideshare area you’re closest to, as outlined in the airport’s and app’s directions.
  4. Wait for Your Ride: After confirming the ride request, the app provided me with the details of the vehicle and an estimated time of arrival. I waited in the designated area, keeping an eye out for the vehicle matching the description provided.

The Uber Experience from ORD

My Uber arrived within minutes of the request. The driver verified my name and destination, ensuring a smooth start to the journey.

The ride from ORD to my destination in downtown Chicago was comfortable, with the added convenience of bypassing the need to navigate public transportation with luggage or wait in line for a taxi.

Tips for a Smooth Uber Experience at ORD

Based on my experience, here are some tips to ensure a hassle-free Uber ride from O’Hare:

  1. Connect to Wi-Fi: Ensure your smartphone is connected to the airport’s Wi-Fi to request your ride seamlessly without incurring data charges.
  2. Be in the Right Spot: Make sure you’re in the designated rideshare pickup zone before requesting your ride to avoid any confusion for you or the driver.
  3. Monitor Your Phone: Keep an eye on your app for any communications from your driver, such as calls or texts, especially in areas where many vehicles are arriving.
  4. Know Your Terminal: Familiarize yourself with the terminal you’re exiting from to accurately choose the correct pickup location in the app.


Utilizing Uber from Chicago O’Hare International Airport offers a convenient, efficient way to travel to your next destination.

The well-organized rideshare pickup zones, combined with the simplicity of the Uber app, make for a stress-free experience, even for those new to the city or the app.

My journey from ORD to downtown Chicago was smooth and hassle-free, highlighting Uber as an excellent transportation option for departing travelers.

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