can you stay overnight at boston logan airport

Navigating the complexities of travel often requires adapting to unforeseen circumstances, such as finding oneself needing to stay overnight at an airport.

On a recent journey that included a lengthy layover at Boston Logan International Airport (BOS), I found myself in just such a situation.

This guide is intended to share insights from my firsthand experience staying overnight at Logan, aiming to assist fellow travelers who might find themselves contemplating an extended stay within the airport premises.

Preparing for the Night

Upon realizing the necessity of staying overnight, my first step was to gather information regarding the airport’s policy on overnight stays.

Boston Logan, like many airports, operates 24/7, which initially suggested that remaining in the terminal through the night could be feasible.

However, knowing the specific nuances of where and how one can comfortably spend the night was crucial.

Overnight Stay Policy at Logan

can you stay overnight at boston logan airport

Boston Logan International Airport does allow passengers to remain in the terminals overnight. The airport’s policy is accommodating to travelers in transit, particularly those with early morning flights or extended layovers.

However, it’s worth noting that not all areas within the terminals remain accessible, and amenities can be limited during the late hours.

Finding a Suitable Spot


My quest for a comfortable spot to spend the night led me to explore various terminals. Terminals A and B seemed to offer more seating options with armrests, but finding a bench or series of chairs without armrests (allowing for a more comfortable rest) became my priority.

Terminal E, catering to international flights, emerged as a relatively quieter option with suitable seating areas. It’s advisable to scout for a spot early, as other travelers will likely have the same idea.

Amenities and Facilities

Food and Beverage

Most dining establishments at Logan close by late evening, so stocking up on snacks and water beforehand is wise. Vending machines remain accessible for basic refreshments, but options are limited.


Restrooms at Logan are kept open throughout the night, providing basic facilities. I found them to be clean and well-maintained, even during off-hours.

Wi-Fi and Charging Stations

Free Wi-Fi is available, allowing me to stay connected and entertained. Power outlets and charging stations, while somewhat scarce, can be found if you look carefully, particularly near some seating areas and cafes that are closed for the night.

Security and Safety

The presence of airport security personnel throughout the night offered a sense of safety. Periodic patrols and surveillance cameras are evident, ensuring that the environment remains secure for overnight guests.

It’s important to keep personal belongings close and be mindful of airport policies to avoid any issues with security.

Tips for a Comfortable Overnight Stay

can you stay overnight at boston logan airport

Based on my experience, here are some recommendations for those planning to stay overnight at Logan:

  1. Bring Essentials: A travel blanket, pillow, or even a large scarf can significantly increase comfort. Earplugs and an eye mask are also invaluable for blocking out ambient noise and light.
  2. Stay Charged: Ensure your electronic devices are fully charged and consider carrying a portable charger, as outlets may be in high demand.
  3. Stay Informed: Keep an eye on the departure boards even during the night to stay updated on your flight status and any gate changes.
  4. Dress Appropriately: The airport can get chilly at night, so wearing layers or bringing extra clothing can help you stay warm.
  5. Mind Your Belongings: Always keep your luggage and personal items close to you, ideally using them as makeshift pillows or footrests to deter theft.


Staying overnight at Boston Logan International Airport is certainly feasible, with the airport providing a relatively safe and somewhat comfortable environment for stranded travelers or those with awkward layover times.

While it’s no substitute for a hotel room, the availability of certain amenities and the accommodating stance of the airport staff make it a viable option in a pinch.

Planning ahead, knowing what to expect, and preparing for the stay can make all the difference in ensuring the experience is as pleasant as possible under the circumstances.

Whether you’re a seasoned traveler or facing an unexpected overnight layover for the first time, Logan Airport offers a secure and manageable option for spending the night.

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