lockers at jfk airport
New York City, USA - September 4, 2013: Passengers in the ticket terminal at JFK Airport. It is the busiest international air passenger gateway in the United States.

In light of the new information regarding specific luggage storage services available at John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK), my initial understanding of the airport’s amenities has been pleasantly corrected.

JFK does indeed offer luggage storage solutions directly within its terminals, providing travelers with a convenient way to store their bags during layovers, early arrivals, or late departures. Here’s a more detailed look at these services, based on the updated info:

Luggage Storage Services at JFK

JFK’s in-terminal luggage storage services offer travelers a secure and convenient option to store their belongings.

These services are available in multiple terminals, making them accessible for passengers regardless of their arrival or departure points.

 lockers at jfk airport

Terminal 1 Baggage Storage Service

  • Location: First floor, near Alitalia and Olympic Airlines.
  • Hours of Operation: 7 AM – 11 PM.
  • Approximate Cost: $4 – $16 per day, depending on the size of the luggage.
  • Contact: (718) 751-2947.

Terminal 4 Baggage Storage Service

  • Location: First floor.
  • Hours of Operation: 24 Hours.
  • Approximate Cost: $4 – $16 per day, varying by luggage size.
  • Contact: (718) 751-4020.

Terminal 8 (American Airlines) Baggage Storage Service

  • Location: Not specified within Terminal 8.
  • Hours of Operation: 6 AM – 10 PM.
  • Approximate Cost: $8 – $18 per day, based on luggage size.
  • Contact: (718) 995-9292.
 lockers at jfk airport

Additional Service: Bounce Luggage Storage

For those seeking alternatives outside the airport premises, Bounce Luggage Storage offers a flexible solution near JFK.

This service requires online booking and does not accept cash or walk-ins. It’s essential to cancel before check-in for a refund.

  • Operation: 24/7, with online booking required.
  • Protection: Up to $10,000 with BounceShield.
  • Accessibility: The address will be shown after booking, ensuring a secure process for users.

Using the In-Terminal Storage Services

Upon discovering these services, I opted to use the Terminal 4 Baggage Storage given its round-the-clock operation, fitting perfectly with my layover schedule.

 lockers at jfk airport

The process was straightforward: upon arrival, I headed to the designated area on the first floor, where friendly staff assisted me with storing my luggage.

The rates were reasonable, and the service provided peace of mind, allowing me to explore the city unburdened.

Tips for Utilizing JFK’s Luggage Storage

  • Verify Hours and Location: Double-check the operating hours and exact location within the terminal before planning to drop off your luggage.
  • Understand the Pricing: Be aware of the size restrictions and associated costs to avoid any surprises.
  • Keep Valuables With You: While these services offer security, it’s wise to keep important documents and valuables in your carry-on.


The availability of direct luggage storage services at JFK significantly enhances the travel experience for passengers in transit.

Whether you’re looking to explore New York during a layover or simply wish to lighten your load before check-in, these services offer a secure and convenient solution.

My experience with Terminal 4’s Baggage Storage was seamless and efficient, underscoring JFK’s commitment to accommodating the diverse needs of its travelers.

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