Airport Restaurants

Abu Dhabi International Airport offers more than just travel connections; it’s a culinary hub with diverse dining options.

From authentic Emirati dishes to international favorites, travelers can quickly find a meal to satisfy their appetite. Dive into a range of flavors and experiences, ensuring your journey begins on a delicious note.

Terminal 1 Restaurants

Abu Dhabi International Airport’s Terminal 1 boasts a selection of eight diverse restaurants, catering to every palate. Whether you’re in the mood for authentic Emirati fare or international dishes, the terminal ensures travelers start their journey with a memorable meal.

Naan Indian Kitchen

Experience the top-quality, authentic Indian food at Naan Indian Kitchen. You can savour the best of Indian food from curries to masalas and vegetarian options. All meals are served with a wide complimentary choice of naan, rice and veggies.

Terminal 1, Main Level, After Passport Control


McDonald’s is the world’s largest chain of fast food restaurants reputed for hamburgers, cheeseburgers, chicken burgers and french fries. It also serves a range of healthy breakfast options along with shakes, salads, desserts and soft drinks.

Terminal 1, Main Level, After Passport Control

Sky Bar

The Sky Bar is an all-day bar which gives you the right atmosphere to relax prior your departure and to enjoy a great offer of carefully selected whiskeys, brandies and other spirits. Our wide selection of draught beer along with a vast choice of deli food for take away makes the Sky Bar a favourite meeting place well into the late evening hours.

Terminal 1, Main Level, After Passport Control


Flavours is a premium and modern convenience concept for passengers on the go. At Flavours, we prepare food that is unique in taste and quality. Enjoy a range of freshly-baked pastries, sandwiches and plenty of international dishes like Beef with Oyster sauce and Buttered chicken with rice.

Terminal 1A, Ground Floor, After Passport Control


With the mission to ease traveller’s journey, Trib’s sells delicious, fresh, hand-crafted, and organic food and beverage. The world-class cafe consistently provides its customers with impeccable service. Every customer who walks through their door is greeted or acknowledged within 20 seconds, and thanked at least once for allowing to serve, and to leave impressed.

Terminal 1, Main Level, After Passport Control

Jaipur Indian Food

Indian food is never short of flavour, aroma and fiery spices. At Jaipur, discover the real personality and authentic charm only ever found on the streets of India and in the recipe books of generations gone before.

Terminal 1, 2nd Floor, After Passport Control

To Go

To Go is a take-away concept selling easily portable, good food and drinks which passengers can enjoy before flying or can take on-board. To Go offers a range of fresh quality coffee, fruit juices and soft drinks along with a delectable selection of fresh pre-packed sandwiches and pastries for those who want to grab something on the go.

Terminal 1, Ground Floor, After Passport Control

Terminal 2 Restaurants

Compared to the bustling gastronomic scene in Terminal 1, Terminal 2 of Abu Dhabi International Airport offers a more limited dining choice with just one cafe.

It may not be the epicenter for food variety, but it serves as a cozy spot for travelers to grab a quick bite or a comforting drink before their journey. If a wide selection is what you seek, Terminal 1 stands ready to tantalize your taste buds.

Cinnamon City Café & Restaurant

A good place to spend some time with friends or family. Relax and munch on some cinnamon-filled pastries and hot coffee at Cinnamon City.

Terminal 2, Main Level, After Passport Control

Terminal 3 Restaurants

Terminal 3 of Abu Dhabi International Airport emerges as a food lover’s paradise, hosting an impressive lineup of 15 restaurants.

From local Emirati delicacies to global culinary treasures, this terminal promises an array of flavors to satiate every traveler’s cravings.

CNN Traveller café

CNN Traveller café gives visitors a comprehensive CNN experience. The CNN-branded news inspired café not only keeps you informed of the latest news across the globe but also offers customers a wide range of food, including local specialties such as fatoush or tabbouleh salad, a selection of sandwiches and wraps and an all-day breakfast. Customers have access to free Wi-Fi.

Terminal 3, Upper Level, After Passport Control

Montreux Jazz Café

The Montreux Jazz Cafe introduces fun and enjoyment to the airport environment, reproducing the ambience of the legendary Montreux Jazz Festival for the pleasure of passengers. Travellers who visit the café can enjoy light meals, drinks and simple fine dining whilst experiencing fantastic concert footage and music in a vibrant, modern and relaxed environment.

Terminal 3, 2nd Floor, After Passport Control

Yum Cha

For Asian food enthusiasts, Yum Cha has something for everyone. Whether you prefer Japanese sushi and maki boxed in perfectly portioned assortments, tangy udon noodles or chicken teriyaki, or perhaps prawns with coconut sauce, Yum Cha offers a wide range of outstanding Asian dishes using only the freshest, premium ingredients and all prepared on the spot.

Terminal 3, Upper Level, After Passport Control


Negroni is your neighbourhood Italian kitchen specializing in little Italian plates that are big on Italian flavour. Fresh, artisan pizzas with premium quality ingredients are baked throughout the day. Pastas are gently simmered to perfection and served with slow-cooked, rich and tasty sauces.

Terminal 3, Upper Level, After Passport Control

Crepe Delicious

Crepe Delicious is the world’s largest and fastest growing creperie and gelateria, famous for our artisanal premium crepes & hand-crafted gelato. We specialize in your luxury dessert indulgences with an all inclusive menu including breakfast, savoury, entrees, specialty coffee and drinks.

Terminal 3, Main Level, After Passport Control

Urban Food Market

Urban Food Market is a trendy quick service concept with a market-style fresh thought throughout. “Food to Go” is the service style and it guarantees to serve you in a short span of time. It offers fresh juices, chilled beverages, flavoured smoothies, hot savouries, fresh pizza, artisanal sandwiches, warm bakery, desserts, hot coffees and tea.

Terminal 3, 1st Floor, After Passport Control

Lavazza Espression

Experience the quality of Italy’s best-known coffee at Lavazza Espression, a place where genuine flavours, creativity and an eye for design blend. With its top-quality products and warm, welcoming environment, Lavazza Espression is a landmark for aficionados of authentic Italian coffee.

Terminal 3, Lower Level, After Passport Control

Camden Food Co.

Discover a healthy choice of delicious food at Camden Food Co. Now, frequent travellers can enjoy a freshly-sourced, organic and natural food in a friendly environment.

Terminal 3, 2nd Floor, After Passport Control

Grab & Fly

You are in a hurry? Do not worry. With Grab & Fly’s quick and flexible service, grab tasty bites and beverages in no time. Choose from an array of world coffees, fine teas, cold beverages, fresh juices and smoothies, freshly-baked viennoise and warm bites.

Terminal 3, Lower Level, After Passport Control

Burger King

The brand serves tasty and remarkable quality food at affordable price.

Costa Coffee

Costa coffee has that perfect cup of coffee that every traveller would love.


Cinnabon serves its customers round the clock with its delicious baked desserts and specialty beverages.

Flat White Coffee Club

This fresh & contemporary store offers a wide range of coffees.


Shawarma sandwich is an ideal choice for any traveller on the go.

O’Learys Bar & Restaurant

Be it family, friends or colleagues, O’Learys Sportsbar is a friendly Bostonian restaurant for everyone.

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